Frida Calavera

Frida Calavera

To help celebrate these glorious Days of the Dead, it seems like a good time to revisit the work of Jose Pulido and post his Frida Calavera (above).

Urban Arts Gallery


There is a new gallery at the Gateway that everyone should stop in and visit. Last weekend was the grand opening of the new Urban Arts Galley, and I am very impressed. It is a very nice and large space showcasing a number of different artists, and currently featuring the artwork of Jimmi Toro. A lot of very nice work! You’ll also find a boutique selling all sorts of local handmade stuffz.

There are also a number of events planned for the space, including dance performances, CONNECT, Gallery Stroll, and the Urban Arts Festival. Checkity-check!

Art Meets Fashion

Art Meets Fashion is happening this next Saturday, September 8th. I’m so excited to see it come together.

Very talented local fashion designers including Beckett & Robb, Sophie St. Claire, Nephi Garcia, and Heggy Gonzalez will be showcasing their new collections. There will also be an exhibit featuring the work of artists like Shelly Huynh, Cody Chamberlain, Mark Crenshaw, Blake Palmer, Jon Lang, Zuzanna Audette, Chase McCleary, Jenevieve Hubbard, Susan Ferguson, Silvia Solis, Jimmi Toro, Matthew Potter, Nanette Wiser, Alexander Ferguson, David Marshall Habben, and Todd Powelson (hey, that’s me!).

The event will be held at Red Butte Garden, with ticket and art sales benefiting their new Water Conservation Garden.

Hope to see you there!

Art Meets Fashion at Red Butte Garden (300 Wakara Way, SLC)
Saturday, September 8th, 6 – 10 p.m.
$50 for regular admission, $100 for VIP, $35 for students | Art Meets Fashion

Hair Stylist to the Canine Stars

I have a little fantasy that someday I’m going to go to hair school. I think I have some apptitude for that kind of work. My favorite “person” to practice my hair cuts on is my dog, Scout. The inspiration for this look is a haircut Denise Huxtable (played by Lisa Bonet) had on The Cosby Show at some point in the 1980s. What do you think? Not bad for someone with zero training, right?

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

I should add a disclaimer before I even start this post… if you know me, you probably know I am not personally very fashion conscious. That is to say, I appreciate fashion, and love many of the fashion designers that I have met over the years. I have to give Anna a whole lot of credit too, and the people and ideas she has introduced me to, because they have opened my eyes to what is possible. Unfortunately, I still don’t give what I wear or how I look a lot of thought. This is a shortcoming, because there is a whole lot of power in presentation, and costume is also a powerful form of creation and self-expression. To be honest, I’d like to dress a whole lot more extravagantly, and I know I’d enjoy the hell out of it. But, for now at least, I will just appreciate and applaud fashion and costume on other people.

I know I am late to the party, and I also know I didn’t see the work in person, but I just came across photos of Alexander McQueen’s show Savage Beauty. I love what he created. The characters that he made are incredible, and I am in awe of the craftsmanship. I won’t even try to describe his work, but will instead post some photos, provide a few links, and hope you enjoy these photos of his work as much as I have… | alexandermcqueen | Savage Beauty | Alexander_McQueen


Don’t Let Your Style Go to the Groundhogs

Every day, when you head out the door, does your hair look exactly the same as the last? Boring pony tail, half-finished bun, or just hanging there?

Megan Moore from Moore Hair Design gave us a primer on how to keep our hair from getting the winter blahs. So get out of your rut with these looks.

First up, we have a retro 1970’s wave. Megan used a 1 inch curling iron and center part to get this fun look for model, Venice. She let each curl cool before teasing it gently with a comb and then setting it with hair spray.

Pony tails are great, practical, professional  and. . . well, boring. That’s why Megan’s style team took the pony tail up a notch for this fun look on Karlie. Karlie’s cute bangs add a nice touch, and a braid, three elastics concealed by teasing the hair and a cascade down the side make this a pony that doesn’t look like you just rolled out of bed.

According to Megan, braids were big in 2011, but they aren’t going anywhere for 2012. She did this style in Emily’s chin length bob by doing two French braids on each side and then securing with safety pins. Letting the ends fly free keeps this look loose and casual, great for a day at the office or a date after work.

To get these looks or learn more, visit

Bullet in My Shoulder

blood running down my vest

For hmm at least four years now I’ve been paying tribute to my cowboy/pioneer heritage by mixing textiles with spent bullet cartridges. It all started with The Bullet Bra – a costume I was asked to make out of industrial materials. If bullets aren’t a useful industrial material, what is?

I became interested in wearing bullets on more than just my bra, and I’m now refurbishing denim cowboy style jackets with bullets. I’m calling this series “Bullet in my Shoulder” after an old Frankie Lane song I listened to as a kid.

I don’t want to give all the pieces away, and in fact, some of them haven’t yet been made. But here is my favorite, a mating of a pioneer girl and an old school cowboy I like to call “Blood Runnin Down My Vest.”

Oh and guess where you can see them and maybe take home one of your very own? The My Dead Friends Show, Ulysses, opening Jan 15.