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My Pal Loki

July 13, 2014


My boy Loki passed away yesterday. I am not one to grieve in public, let alone online, but even though I have other things I could write about Loki is pretty much what I am thinking on. I miss him.

He was a very old boy. I got him in 1998, and he lived until yesterday, 07/12/14. So he was at least 16 when he passed away, but he was also full grown when I got him, so it is possible he was 17 or older. I took him to the vet a couple of years ago, and he told me Loki’s breed never lives past 11 or 12. He was some sort of Rottweiler mix… with maybe some Shepherd in there? Or he could have been a Lab mix too. His personality kind of reminded me of a Lab anyway.

I remember when I first met him at the SLC Humane Society we went out back to play ball. He was more interested in sniffing the perimeter of the fence than the tennis ball, but we still had fun and I knew he was my dog. When I went back to adopt him a few days later, he was so excited to see me he jumped into my lap and pee’d on my leg. Ha! Since then we’ve played hours and hours of Frisbee and fetch, spent years walking and hiking around, went on a few really good trips together, or just chilled out at home. He has been a constant companion for the whole 16 years I have had him. Like I say, I miss him so much.

Yesterday, after he passed, one of my other dogs came running up to me to say hello and get petted. I swear I saw Loki running up to me behind her too. But he wasn’t there. But he was. But he wasn’t. But deep down I really think he was.

I keep expecting to see him laying on his dog bed, but then remember he isn’t around anymore.

I don’t really talk about it, but I believe in reincarnation. Just a very strong feeling I have deep down in my heart. I guess me an a couple billion other people do, so I am in good company. Anyway, I guess I want to tell my boy Loki that I hope to see him again in this world, but if I don’t, I’ll look for him in the next.

I drew the picture of Loki (below) a couple of years ago. I know it is kinda cheesy, but I like it. To me, it shows Loki’s personality really very well. Plus, I remember that exact scene playing out. Loki jumping up all happy like that when a bird flew overhead.

I love ya Loki


Hair Stylist to the Canine Stars

May 23, 2012

I have a little fantasy that someday I’m going to go to hair school. I think I have some apptitude for that kind of work. My favorite “person” to practice my hair cuts on is my dog, Scout. The inspiration for this look is a haircut Denise Huxtable (played by Lisa Bonet) had on The Cosby Show at some point in the 1980s. What do you think? Not bad for someone with zero training, right?

Where is he now?

March 15, 2012

A few months ago we blogged about a cute shop dog named Sampson. Sampson works with and lives with Barton Moody, a super cool SLC accountant.

But the question is – where is Sampson now since we blogged about him last fall?

It seems our blog inspire local artist, Randy Rasmussen, to paint a portrait of the cute pooch. The portrait sits in Barton’s office.

If you haven’t gotten your taxes done yet, give Barton a call. Sampson will keep you company while Barton crunches your numbers. I just did mine, and I won’t lie. It’s a really fun time.

Duh Official ArtDuh Christmas Card

December 22, 2011

2012 Best in show Holiday Card by Todd Powelson

Happy holidays! Todd’s 2011/2012 design celebrates that God blessed us with an additional terrier this year. God loves terriers, and a matched set of terriers brings extra blessings- like half eaten kleenexes, fights over toys and extra poop.

Have a great Christmas and may you meet all your goals in the New Year, as well as have a fantastic time.

Love, Anna, Todd, and too many pets to list

The Circle of Life

November 22, 2011
Armor of GAWD

Armor of GAWD

Big Head

Big Head

It’s been six years since my first pet as an adult, an Airedale Terrier named Mimi died. She was my social lubricant, 99% of my friends were her friend first. She was my cross fit gym, my workouts weren’t just trail runs, but trail runs accompanied by the rhythmic squeaking of a stupid carrot toy.  Airedales hate anything that feels like work, but she did love her carrot. She was my fashion accessory, too. I know the hard core dog people will find this irksome, but there is something about walking a dog so beautiful that traffic stops. Everyone seems to look at you and sing: “She’s got legggggs! Sheer energy legggs!”

And the circle of life goes on. I have Amy Wicks, City Council Woman in Ogden, and Airedale owner to thank for finding my new friend. Amy told me a 14 month old “little” Airedale boy was homeless in Idaho Falls. Within just a couple of hours of hearing about him I got in my car and I drove. I left at four p.m., got him, and was back in the SLC about 9 a.m. I witnessed a heart-breaking parting, his owner was a good guy, but couldn’t afford to keep and house the pup. His loss is my gain. Jared had taken him through the hard part – the crying at night, teething and housebreaking. Terriers are not easy to house train.

I’m glad he is a boy, because if he weren’t I know I would drift back in time and mistake him for Mimi. He spooks just like her, like a horse. He leans like her – leaning on a human’s legs is the highest compliment in big dog language. He plays like her, big paws punching me in the face. He sniffs crotches just like her, no hesitation, wet nose all the way up. Just like Mimi, he is the official welcome wagon of the dog park, smoothing out conflict to prevent fights and being the “rabbit.” He relies on brawn and bravery to “win” the games rather than speed, a tactic I thought was all Mimi.

And like Mimi, we named him a name that no one else likes. His name is Armor-of-God Sampson Horatio West. Armor-of-God is a character in an Orson Scott Card book I read when I was 12. Horatio, of course, was Hamlet’s best friend. And Sampson was his original name, which we liked, but it seemed a bit too obvious. You can call him Armor, or Army, or dipshit. If you look at him and smile when you say it, he will prance on over.

I’m grateful that his original owner is still involved. I text him photos and he is going to visit over the holidays. Army is taller and thinner than he was two months ago when we brought him home. His physical stamina is improved. He is a beautiful boy who always needs a bath. I have to admit, I feel so much more like myself with a sexy, bad ass dog at my side. It feels so right. That said, you never, ever forget your first love.  I think of “Big Orange” the original often, especially when I watch my tall, curly friend bounding ahead.

Leaping Airedales

Leaping Airedales

I’m a dog I’m a workin dog I’m a hard workin dog

November 15, 2011

Sampson Working

Sampson Working

I met a working dog not long ago.

He’s not a cow dog. He’s not a rolling over dog. And he’s not a watch dog.

He’s an accounting assistant! Now that’s a recession proof choice, boy. Good boy!

The dog’s name is Sampson. And he’s very cute. And he doesn’t crunch numbers. What he does, when people come to the accounting office where he works is this – he says hi. He lap sits, and he licks their hands. Sounds like a job I could do. Do you think they have any openings?

Sampson Sampan Ampersand is Barton Moody’s dog. Barton is living the dream in a historic duplex at 9th and 9th where he does taxes. Barton does taxes for a lot of artsy fartsy people like me and Todd.

Here’s the story of how Sampson found his job, and his forever home:

“I met Sampson on the shoulder of a guy that I barely knew and I fell in love instantly. He was just barely weaned and I said to this guy (whose name I don’t even remember) ‘If it doesn’t work, let me know.’ The next day I received a phone call from the guy and this unnamed dog evidently had spent the entire night destroying the guy’s girlfriends shoes. ‘It is me or the dog’, said she.  Now, after a few pair of shoes and glasses, the problem is now regulated to the past.

Sampson comes from dachshund and shiatsu roots. He is an elongated beastie and he can curl around upon himself, hence “ampersand”. His middle name is from the Sampan restaurant, which was the take out treat at the time. We are more Chanon Thai folks, now. But, Sampson’s favorite food is the jellybean. He likes meats and cheeses, like dogs do. But when I go for the jellybean jar on my desk, he is right there.”

Sampson is a good boy, and maybe around tax season you will look Barton up, take your receipts over, and get introduced.

So, This is Love (Pet Month Begins)

November 1, 2011
Soggy and Out of It

Soggy and Out of It

Hold Me

Hold Me

Have you ever loved someone so much, that you would pick them up half-asleep and drenched in their own pee, cover yourself in pee, and hold them anyway?

Yeah, I have. And now I suddenly know that this is a great way to define love.

My puppy, ok early-middle-aged six-year-old dog, Girlscout, has been acting depressed for a few days. She typically acts like a beam of selfish sunshine, so for her to hide in the basement or under chairs is totally abnormal.

I took her to the vet (which, just like taking your car to the mechanic, undepressed her very fast), and he said the words I hate to hear, “we need to keep her for observation and blood draws.” The vet also suggested we clean her teeth, which if you don’t know, they do under anesthesia. A teeth cleaning is kind of like major surgery in the canine world.

Warm me Up

Warm Me Up

About six hours later, I was able to pick her up. She was damp (maybe from pee, maybe from the cleaning) and totally out if it, but she still recognized me. She took a nap. I picked her up. Pee pee all over us both. So I gave my sedated dog a bath.

She got the shivers. We spent the next forty-five min with the blow dryer, warming her up. She has always loved warm air blowing on her.

I can’t describe the feeling of seeing someone you love barely able to hold her head up. I knew Scout was gonna be fine, but I was imagining parents in the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) and how they must feel, or an adult child from a loving family of origin, bathing their parent in hospice. Yeah, nobody was home inside that furry body that I am so crazy about.

Many people think the way I feel about my pets is “weird.” Look at it this way, I grew up raising, breeding and caring for horses, dogs and cats. There was a time in the history of humanity when this was a highly profitable skill. I know my animals like other people know their family tree, favorite song or sound of their lover’s car engine turning down their street.

If you don’t have love like this in your life, if you have never felt it, if you can’t name a being you would lift out of bed, pee-stains and all and carry to the tub, I just want to say: “Go find this.” It doesn’t matter if it’s your husband, child, pal, plant or parakeet. This is love. This is the meaning of life.

“Then I grasped the meaning of the greatest secret that human poetry and human thought and belief have to impart: The salvation of man is through love and in love.” – Viktor Frankl

And so begins Pet Month on, dedicated to the memory of Mimi “Miles to Go Before I Sleep” West, 5/31/2000 to 11/17/2005.

Dog Show Fashion

February 15, 2011

The Westminster Dog Show is the biggest dog show of the year and the world will be watching to see which pooch will be crowned “Best In Show.” I was very marginally involved in the dog show scene as a kid during a short stint spent breeding Australian Shepards. I soon determined it wasn’t worth my effort because of one overarching problem: the wardrobe.

Where I’m from, the dog handlers wore Wrangler jeans and Ropers (the lace up cowboy boots with fringe on the toe), which really isn’t so bad in retrospect, although I hated it at the time. But the fashion I see in the national, televised dog shows makes me want to scratch my eyes out, and not because of an allergy to dog dander.

The dogs are so cute. I always feel bad for them having to stand for hours during torturous beauty treatments, like eyebrow waxing and Brazilian blow-outs. My own little Girlscout is a purebred Welsh Terrier from a line of dog show champions. She would probably be famous if I weren’t such a poop. What can I say, I don’t want to wear calf-length polyester skirts with worn out flats and a man’s shoulder pad-enriched blazer as I prance with her around the ring.

As you watch the Westminster show, which is on USA tonight, I challenge you not to stare at the dog handlers and their horrible clothes. Look at the dogs, damn it! Their eyes are down here.

And while we are on the topic, what do you think dog handlers should wear to show off their pooches to replace the standard ill-fitting and unfashionable attire? An all black ninja look with everything but the eyes concealed would be my vote, or hot pink 80s work-out gear would bring a much needed action sports attitude to the ring,  but I want to hear from you.

Cutest Shop Pets in SLC

February 10, 2011

Itsy Bitsy

Itsy Bitsy

Toby and Pink Unicorn AKA Pony

Toby and Pink Unicorn AKA Pony



Bijoux et Jolie

Bijoux et Jolie

One of the things I love most about shopping local is walking in a store and being welcomed by a wiggling or purring mass of fur. The idea to profile the cutest shop pets in SLC came from Tabitha, manager of Retro Rose, and we loved the fact that she reached out to us almost as much as we loved the idea.

But first a disclaimer, all of the pets profiled here are cute and are listed in no particular order.

Itsy Bitsy the Shop Cat

Itsy Bitsy the Shop Cat

Itsy Bitsy
Shop cat at Retro Rose
207 East Broadway, SLC
Itsy is a female orange tabby. Orange tabbies are usually male, making her extra special. Her gift suggestion for customers is the two-foot tall tiger at Retro Rose.
Favorite food: dry cat food
Favorite color: orange
Favorite hang out in the store: on the bed, on a chair in the clothing room or on a settee in the antique room
Zodiac sign: Leo
Take on animal rights? “The animals are always right.” Badoom boom

Toby the Hairy Yoda

Toby the Hairy Yoda

Shop dog at Utah Artist’s Hands
61 W 100 S
Toby is a four-year old purebred Golden Retriever who takes care of business (not that kind of business) behind the counter at Utah Artist’s Hands. He greets shoppers by grabbing a toy and growling and wiggling until someone pets him, an act that about charms the pants right off the Duchess of Duh. His gift pick for shoppers at Utah Artist’s Hands is the Homeless Monster plushie by Romy B.
Favorite food: cheese
Favorite toy: Pink stuffed unicorn named Pony
Favorite color: Pink
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Animal rights viewpoint: “Humans should be tolerated until they become as wise as dogs.”

Hana Enjoys Sunshine

Hana Enjoys Sunshine

Customer Support Specialist
The Green Ant
179 E Broadway
Hana (pronounce like sauna with an H) is a loving, lazy and spoiled bulldog who “guards” the Green Ant. She’s a petite girl, weighing in at just over 40 pounds while her brother weighs 75.  Her best friend is a dove named Buddy, she even tries to coo at him. Her full name is Hana San, which roughly means “sunflower.” Hana loves kids, and when she’s dissatisfied with the amount of attention she is recieving, she’s been known to make a sound that’s a cross between a scream and a growl.
Favorite food: Plain Hamburger with fries from Crown Burger.
Favorite toy: Her orange skateboard, pink lady (rubber chew toy) and any 1 gallon plastic milk jug
Favorite hangout: in the sun in the front window
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Take on animal rights: “She’s not worried about that so much as she’s more concerned that she should be the center of everyone’s universe!”

Michael, Bijoux and Jolie

Michael, Bijoux and Jolie

Bijoux and Jolie
White Fluffballs/Guardians
Now and Again
501 E 300 S
This tiny matched pair of poodles is Todd’s pick for cutest shop pet in SLC. The four-and-a-half year old siblings love to be carried around the shop by customers, and they don’t have favorite toys because they prefer to play with each other. Their “dad,” shop keep, Michael says they greet shoppers by running to the door and demanding to be petted. They are also known by nicknames Peashoots (Bijoux) and Jolberger (Jolie).
Favorite food: Milk Bones
Favorite color: Pink
Zodiac sign: Libra
Take on animal rights: “They have kind thoughts regarding animals, although they don’t consider themselves such.”
Gift suggestion: Buy a pile of stuff to give us more space to play!

We hope to bring you another installment of cute shop pets down the road, so drop us a note and let us know where to find the cutie pies.

5 Years of Mischief

November 30, 2010
Todd’s Christmas present – a drawing of the 3 shits
Big big smile

Big big smile

Today is Girlscout’s birthday. The last five years went by in a blur.

Scout is a Sagitarius. She is also a Welsh Terrier. My friend Chip’s day of birth is upstaged annually when the spotlight swings to Scout on Nov 30. I know not everyone celebrates their pet’s birthday or reads their horoscope. But then, I’m not everyone. We usually use Scout’s birthday as an excuse to celebrate Cowboy and Loki’s too. Since they were rescued from kill shelters, we have no idea when they were born. I even got a deck of tarot cards and tried to read their birthdays based on their selections. We think Loki is a Capricorn. Cowboy’s special day remains a mystery however, since he wasn’t as excited about chewing on a dumb old card that didn’t have any peanut butter on it.

Baby girl sleeping

Scout’s birthday is also a milestone in my life. In November of 2005, the love of my life, an Airedale named Mimi went to the happy hunting ground. About 3 weeks later I found Cowboy in a Pocatello shelter and brought him to live with me, a forever home. A few weeks later I split from a long-time boyfriend. The one thing I wanted to get me through this hard winter was a Welsh Terrier named Girlscout.

Wild things fight

Scout was an extremely impractical decision. I was single. I had one dog already. She was costly. She was far away in Loveland, Colorado. Her breed is known for being nearly impossible to house train. Did I care? Nope. Her breeder agreed to meet me at the half way point, Rawlins. I felt like the original adventurer that freezing day when Cowboy and I loaded up in the truck and struck out across Wyoming. Cowboy loved Scout immediately when they met in the Maverick parking lot. He slept all the way home with his head on her crate. They’ve been best friends ever since.

Scout & Todd

Scout also brought someone special into my life, an artist named Todd. Of course, a gal with 2 puppies, one under 10 weeks, has her hands full at the dog park where my little pack went every day after work. I would carry Scout and let Cowdawg romp. Sometimes he romped too hard and I had to chase him with 6 lbs of curly black&tan in my arms. Enter Todd, to take the pup out of my arms or chase down the Cowboy for me while his stately old rottweiler, Loki watched the pups play.


To celebrate Scout’s birthday this year, the dogs, my friend Cher, a little girl named Clara and I sent a care package to a Welsh Terrier who is homeless in California. Her name is Mama, she is 10 and has been used for breeding. She lives in a boarding facility and, because my WT sleeps under the covers in my arms at night like a baby, it breaks my heart to imagine a dog like Scout living in such a sterile environment. I wish I could adopt her. Here is the link to her page if you have room for a dominant female in your life

Happy birthday Scout! Happy pretend birthday Cowboy and Loki! This concludes Pet Awareness Month on Save the furbees!
Until next November,
The pet lovers at

Loki shows off Mama's package

Mama's box of presents is twice as big as her

Cowboy meets his mom

The gift that keeps giving


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