A Happy Vista Presents: Color Land!


My bro-in-law, Steve Vistaunet, is a very talented fellow. Musician, artist, graphic designer, creative director, teacher… and that is just the tip of the ice-burg (the Steve-burg?). He’s also an all around good guy, entertainer, and one of the most creative people I know. If you spend any amount of time with him, you know he is usually making something. Music, a drawing, a mural…

One of those creations include his recently published coloring book, called Color Land. Hot off the press, and you can definitively get a copy now. Hours and hours of colorful fun, accompanied by Steve’s drawings! A nice reprieve from the holiday madness :)


The Wolf

by Todd Powelson

by Todd Powelson

My artwork (above) will be hanging in the Springville Art Museum’s upcoming 30th Annual Spiritual & Religious Exhibition. The show opens this week on November 18th, with an opening reception that same night from 7:00 to 8:30 pm, and will hang until January 12, 2016.

In addition to myself, there are many other talented artists who will also have their work hanging, like my sister and brother-in-law, Tonya & Steve Vistaunet, Jeffrey Hale, Brian Kershisnik, Justin Wheatley, and many other artist that I look forward to meeting. I’m happy to be included. Stop in and check it all out!

My piece is pretty much based on the old Norse myth of the great wolf Sköll eating the sun. I’ve thought a bit about that story over the years and mulled it over in my imagination since I first read it as a little kid. This is also the first piece from my series, Songs from the Earth.

The Wolf
Was the end and a beginning.
Running free and wild,
He leapt and grabbed the
Sun between His fierce teeth.
Laughing as He chewed, flames flutter.
Firebirds spread their wings,
Streaking like comets
Across the sky.

I guess I did this artwork in part to remind myself that an act of destruction is also an act of creation. Not only out in the cosmos with the sun and stars, but also on a personal level. It’s hard to remember and see that, but I hope so.


Frida Calavera

Frida Calavera

To help celebrate these glorious Days of the Dead, it seems like a good time to revisit the work of Jose Pulido and post his Frida Calavera (above).


"Guide" by Kiki Smith, 2013

“Guide” by Kiki Smith, 2013

A little Kiki for your Sunday! This artwork by Kiki Smith caught my eye this week. I love her work. A quick post, but I thought I’d post it here…

Dan Hillier

"Seraphim II" by Dan Hillier

“Seraphim II” by Dan Hillier

I recently discovered the work of Dan Hillier and enjoy it quite a lot. I think you will too, gentle reader.

Check-ity-check-check it out!


“The Veil” by Dan Hillier


"Crown" by Dan Hillier

“Crown” by Dan Hillier

"Molecule" by Dan Hillier

“Molecule” by Dan Hillier

"Seraphim" by Dan Hillier

“Seraphim” by Dan Hillier

Ivan Blažetić | Šumski

Cypris Morpho

I recently discovered the work of Ivan Blažetić | Šumski through his Behance portfolio. I don’t know a whole lot about his career (aside from what is listed on Behance), but he seems to be pretty busy doing illustration work, murals, book projects, etc.

I spend most of my days, hours and hours each day, creating work in Adobe Illustrator. And I can tell Šumski must too. I really appreciate his skills and the work he has put together.

Check it out!


Altar Image – “Habitat”

AboveHumans Boorka



Cubes & Bikes & Ladies

"Composition with the three figures"

“Composition with the three figures” by Fernand Leger – 1932


It seems like a great day to look at artwork by Fernand Leger. So, for today’s post, I think its a good idea to show a couple of pictures we can all enjoy together here on ArtDuh!


"Leisures on red bottom" by Fernand Leger - 1949

“Leisures on red bottom” by Fernand Leger – 1949