Baltimore-Infernal-Train-2-coverI’d grown tired of vampire stories by the end of the 90’s or early 00’s. So much so that I started to avoid them, like a vampire might avoid the cross. I’d always liked the folklore and legends, but I came to think they were way too over-used and over-saturated in pop culture. Or maybe I just like the legend too much, sought it out, but had finally seen enough. Maybe both those reasons are true…

tumblr_mkw8hm2dYn1qka5cpo1_1280I’ve recently discovered a comic book that has revived my interest again, called Baltimore.

I really only bought this comic because Mike Mignola is involved with it and had the series on sale. Mignola is one of my very favorite comic creators, with Hellboy, B.P.R.D, and so many other great comics being written and/or illustrated by him. Mignola created this with Christopher Golden, with art by Ben Stenbeck, and it was colored by Dave Stewart. So good! Still, even though I owned a lot of it, my general aversion to vampire stuff kept me from getting around to reading Baltimore for at least a year or two. Now that I have read most of what I own, I can say it is exceptional too!

Baltimore_ChapelOfBones_2The story begins with Lord Henry Baltimore fighting in the trenches of World War 1. He and his platoon are being cut down by German soldiers and left for dead. The carnage and blood bring out ancient vampires who begin to feed. Because he fights back and even wounds one of the vampires, Baltimore unknowingly declares war on those ancients, and they proceed to destroy his life after he has returned home. This war takes Baltimore all over Europe in search of the vampire who is responsible… and beyond him too…

Such a kick-ass comic, and perfect for this Halloween-ie season! | Baltimore | Baltimore


The House in Grey

“The House in Grey” by Marc Chagall, 1917

I’ve got Marc Chagall on my brain again. Probably because I’ve been uploading my own portfolio to Instagram recently, and the piece I posted today is an homage to him.

I’ve always loved Chagall’s work overall, especially his landscapes and townscapes.

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"Guide" by Kiki Smith, 2013

“Guide” by Kiki Smith, 2013

A little Kiki for your Sunday! This artwork by Kiki Smith caught my eye this week. I love her work. A quick post, but I thought I’d post it here…

The Seventh World

"The Seventh World" by Todd Powelson

“The Seventh World” by Todd Powelson

I just finished this new artwork of the dreaming Earth. She is dreaming of the Sun, Moon, and Stars… but mostly She dreams of the clouds and sky, mountains and lakes, green, and ever-changing life.

You can buy this as a high quality 24″ x 16″ canvas print through my website by visiting

This is part of my “Songs from the Earth” series, and you can check out the rest of that series by clicking here.

Wulflund Jewelry

Greenman Birdie

I got a couple of new pendants from Wulflund Jewelry that I wanted to post here because I think they do beautiful work. For myself, I got the Green Man (above), and I got the bird pendant for Anna (also above). The bird is technically an owl, but it reminds me of our cockatoo Sapphron.

I really really wanted the snake (pictured below), but didn’t get it in the end because I thought it looked like it might be too big. Now I regret that decision. Maybe I will still get it. I like snakes.

I was also very tempted by Thor‘s Hammer Mjolnir (also below), but decided not to get that in the end because this type of pendant and symbol is strongly associated with the neo-pagan/heathen religion Asatru. While I am interested in pagan and heathen beliefs in general, Asatru doesn’t really describe my personal spirituality and I wanted to be respectful I guess.

Wulflund has some other very nice pieces, and I recommend everybody check out their work. And Wulflund don’t just do jewelry, they are also a full-on blacksmith with swords, armor, gauntlets, etc. I could drop a whole lot of money there, if I had more money to drop :) | WulflundJewelry

Snake Mjolnir

Dan Hillier

"Seraphim II" by Dan Hillier

“Seraphim II” by Dan Hillier

I recently discovered the work of Dan Hillier and enjoy it quite a lot. I think you will too, gentle reader.

Check-ity-check-check it out!

“The Veil” by Dan Hillier


"Crown" by Dan Hillier

“Crown” by Dan Hillier

"Molecule" by Dan Hillier

“Molecule” by Dan Hillier

"Seraphim" by Dan Hillier

“Seraphim” by Dan Hillier

Ivan Blažetić | Šumski

Cypris Morpho

I recently discovered the work of Ivan Blažetić | Šumski through his Behance portfolio. I don’t know a whole lot about his career (aside from what is listed on Behance), but he seems to be pretty busy doing illustration work, murals, book projects, etc.

I spend most of my days, hours and hours each day, creating work in Adobe Illustrator. And I can tell Šumski must too. I really appreciate his skills and the work he has put together.

Check it out!


Altar Image – “Habitat”

AboveHumans Boorka