Picasso’s Three Women at the Fountain

Three Women at the Fountain

We haven’t see any Picasso here for a little while so I figure it is a good time to change that.

The picture “Three Women at the Fountain” above is a pretty good representation of Picasso’s return to classicism and classical themes in the 1920s. The painting is also true to the styles he had been experimenting before then as well. I think it is that mixture that I like so much here. That is, very developed areas of the image sitting over very loose and flat earth-tones.

Picasso’s Vollard Suite Revisited

I know I have written about Picasso before,  and even had a post dedicated to his Vollard Suite (I think it was even the first post I ever wrote here on ArtDuh), but I just can’t get enough of the artwork and it is time to revisit those prints. I find myself looking at those images all of the time, I think many of them are perfect. I want to see them again! Let’s take a look at a few reproductions of some prints here today…


… don’t wanna, but gotta stop adding pictures sometime I guess. Maybe one more.

Picasso’s Vollard Suite

Four Nudes and Sculpted Head

Picasso has always been a favorite artist of mine. The 100 etchings he created for publisher Ambroise Vollard from 1930 to 1937 are ranked, for me, among Picasso’s highest artistic achievements.

Anna and I spent some time in San Francisco in the early summer of 2009. While we were there we visited a gallery downtown that had a few pieces from the Vollard Suite, including “Four Nudes and Sculpted Head”. Beautiful. I still think about it all the time, and hope that I will meet more of these etchings soon (especially Minotauromachia!).