The Wolf


Thanks to everybody who came out to the Urban Arts Festival yesterday :)

I finished a new piece the day before the festival that I had for sale as a poster. I know the preview image above is a little bit small, but give it a click to see a larger and more detailed view. This is the first piece (or two?) in a larger series that I am very excited about. Stay tuned!

The Fourteenth Ward @ The Urban Arts Gallery


Be sure to stop into the Urban Arts Gallery at the Gateway to see some great artwork, and to see the Fourteenth Ward perform! A great way to spend the evening

Urban Arts Gallery


There is a new gallery at the Gateway that everyone should stop in and visit. Last weekend was the grand opening of the new Urban Arts Galley, and I am very impressed. It is a very nice and large space showcasing a number of different artists, and currently featuring the artwork of Jimmi Toro. A lot of very nice work! You’ll also find a boutique selling all sorts of local handmade stuffz.

There are also a number of events planned for the space, including dance performances, CONNECT, Gallery Stroll, and the Urban Arts Festival. Checkity-check!