Craft Sabbath Mother’s Day Show

Craft Sabbath is the pet project of our dear friend Meg Griggs. It is an all local alternative craft festival that takes place on the first Sunday of the month at NoBrow Coffee and Tea in Salt Lake City. The Craft Sabbath Mother’s Day Show is just a few days away so we at wanted to profile a few of the 20 plus artists who will be there to vend. City Dogs Veggie Dog Cart will be there with food and SPYHOP records will be there with tunes to round out the event. Hope to see you there! And now, for the art:

Miss Amanda

Miss Amanda

Miss Amanda’s Arm Candy
Introducing Miss Amanda’s Arm Candy and other craftiness! Hand painted original designs on unique vintage purses and bags. All designs are hand painted by Miss Amanda a local tattoo artist for Lost Art Tattoo. Each one is purely a one of a kind piece of art, wearable art! Check Miss Amanda’s Arm candy out on the web Hooray art!

Trisha Henderson

Trisha Henderson

Trisha Henderson
I taught myself to knit as a way to balance those early days of motherhood. Through this maternal journey has come my love for knitting and commitment to self expression.

My current interest exists in making unique head and neck wear and I’m currently very inspired by what I can do with knit accessories. It’s fun to get people excited about wearing knits in the spring and summer! You’ll also find a few beaded earrings in my mix.

I have a deep appreciation for the craft and feel that knitting is both useful and artistic. My process is less technical and more intuitive and I enjoy creating in the moment. I am fueled by color, texture, and the rhythm of my circular needles…it’s therapy.
I have a new purpose in my work which is to use material that has been reclaimed. So I’m currently using up my “retail” supply and beginning to reclaim my own yarn from thrift-ed/unused sweaters and even supporting those who sell their own reclaimed stock. Keep your eye out, it’s conscious and fun!

Sorry Clementine

Sorry Clementine

Sorry Clementine

Sorry Clementine is a one-girl operation run by Suzanne Clements. Suzanne designs each piece thoughtfully, and expertly sews each piece herself. Each piece is one of a kind and no duplicates are ever made. In addition to making one of a kind pieces from scratch she also likes to incorporate fabric from recycled and vintage clothing that adds a special and unique charm to the things that she makes. Suzanne is 26 years old, and resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves creativity in all forms, especially sewing, painting, and photography. When she isn’t creating fun things to wear she spends the the majority of her free time looking for treasures like vintage pyrex and owl figurines at local thrift stores.



Bricolage Designs
I have always enjoyed creating new things out of objects around me. Maybe I’m a bit cliche now with the rise of the “green” friendly society with everyone trying to reuse everyday items. I get super excited about old junk drawers and closets. Everything old has another purpose to me. I am currently working on jewelry and bags made from reworked costume jewelry pieces and vintage fabric. I am also a crafter with a short attention span. As soon as I discover a new idea I am on to it (which has resulted in a cluttered office with half finished projects, just ask my husband). I never know what I am going to create next!

It’s Art Duh ( is a new blog that celebrates everything in art from fashion, to painting, to sculpture, to handmade crafts. Anna West and Todd Powelson are the writers/artists behind the blog. They have been at Craft Sabbath many times with crocheted items, drawings and screen printed bags and tees, but this is the first time they will be at the event to promote The pair will launch their blog at the Mother’s Day Show and unveil a unique limited edition screen printed tee, stickers, pin back buttons and cards. All of these items were designed from scratch by Todd within just the last few weeks!

Craft Sabbath
May 2, 2010
Noon to 4:00 p.m.
NoBrow Coffee and Tea
315 E 300 S
Salt Lake City


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