Crafting is so Gay! Pride Sabbath Coming up Sunday

Pride Craft Sabbath - June 6, 2010

Gay monsters, gay superheros, gay handbags and gay politics, all handmade. What could be better? We hope you will join us for the next Craft Sabbath – Sunday, June 6 from noon to 4 at NoBrow Coffee and Tea. This is the day of the grand Pride Parade, and so everything we are doing is Pride-themed. Todd and I will be there vending and spreading the word about our very gay blog, Todd has created a special poster just for Pride. And as for me, I’m getting a little bit political supporting my favorite candidate for governor with rainbow-themed crafts made from his campaign materials (ha ha, I know, nutz). We also are hoping to have some very special handcrafted earrings for sale, trade, barter etc.

And now, for a little bit about the artists who will be at Pride Sabbath, what they are making that’s new for the event, and what Pride means to them:

Sandra Seifert -mimi moda
Mimi was my grandmother’s name, the woman who taught me to sew. Memories of us sitting at the table sewing my dollhouse curtains brought me back to her machine. Once my “little sewing hobby” collided with my obsession for handbags there was no turning back and in tribute to that little woman with a huge presence, my handbags were christened.

mimi moda bag

mimi moda bag

mimi moda handbags are all handmade and designed with a bent toward the whimsical. I find inspiration everywhere. From the street to the runway, the muse is omnipresent. Why not let her find a place for expression on your arm?

What Gay Pride Means to Sandra: Growing up in a German immigrant home, I was very aware that our household was different from others. The family’s annual outing to the local Oktoberfest gave us a chance to loudly and jovially express our unique cultural identity and to be surrounded by people like ourselves. Now as a middle-aged gay woman, I embrace Gay Pride with the same desire to be a part of a community and for that community to be celebrated by the larger community that we as Utahns all share.
What I will have for sale on the 6th: Knowing that Craft Sabbath’s June show would be preceding Father’s Day, I decided to focus on more masculine messenger bags. When I realized our show would be coinciding with Pride, I decided to expand my focus from “man bag” to” fag bag,” “hag bag,” and “lesbo luggage.” As I started designing, the bags began to take on a flavor that seemed, in my estimation, to cross the boundaries of gender and sexuality.

Ruthann Hertel -babyGgear
My name is Ruthann Hertel and I am the creator of babyGgear which is everything that I would put my little G-man in (or if I had a little girl, would doll her up in) Everything here rocks! I have everything from screen-printed to hand appliqued onesies. I have the cutest skirted onesies that would make any diva proud! And my sock monsters are the sweetest things ever (I think ) I also am starting a mommies line with some beautiful jewelry.

Cute baby skull caps by Ruthann

Cute baby skull caps by Ruthann

What Gay Pride means to Ruthann: I think that it doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, bi or purple. The main thing is that you are proud to be who you are. Neither the government nor the church should have any say in who you love. Who said that marriage needed to be between a man and a woman? The Bible? Ever heard of separation of church and state? They are worried about the “sanctity” of marriage? What about the fact that any drunk shmoe can go to Vegas and get hitched by a fat Elvis but a two women (or men) who have been in a loving committed relationship for several years can’t even say “I do”? Who’s fool’n who? The “American Dream”? Love who you want, be who you are. Go after it! Work for it! And love it!

What’s new for sale on June 6? I have my newest additions to my sock monster family, my sock stick horses. Also I have lots of new onesies!

Find Ruthann at

Carrie de Azevedo-Poulsen – the big brown house
As far back as I can remember, I’ve delighted in making things, un-making things, and re-making things. I seem to be a scavenger by nature, and I have a particular fondness for fabric, particularly using old fabric in new ways, always searching for color and shape combinations that delight my eyes. Most recently, I’ve had a great time experimenting with making felt from used wool sweaters, turning it into jewelry, accessories, bags, and other fun items.

Various Crafts by Carrie Poulsen

Various Crafts by Carrie Poulsen

What Gay Pride means to Carrie: When my family moved to SLC in 1997, we expected to hang on for a year, then decide where we *really* wanted to live. 13 years later, I am still here, delighted to find that Salt Lake is a much more diverse, vibrant and complex community than I had ever imagined. I’m inspired and humbled by the efforts of my fellow Utah citizens who are working to secure legal rights and protections for ALL FAMILIES!

What’s new for Craft Sabbath on June 6th? Maybe it was teaching Utah History to 4th graders last year…maybe it’s that I’m planning on setting up a bee colony in the backyard, but I currently have bees and beehives and all things Deseret (“honeybee,” or so they say) on the brain, and on jewelry, and on bags. I heart Utah.

Find more from Carrie at

Craft Sabbath
June 6, 2010
Noon to 4:00 p.m.
NoBrow Coffee and Tea
315 E 300 S
Salt Lake City

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