Art’s Flamboyant Edge Pops at Pride

Sister Dottie Wants YOU to Show Your Pride

Sister Dottie Wants YOU to Show Your Pride (photo by b. Eleanor Photography)

We will be seeing all kinds of things at Pride this weekend: rainbow flags, short shorts, Sister Dottie’s cookie salad, floats, and my favorite thing in all the world (except for maybe puppies) drag queens. Pride isn’t exactly an arts festival, but there’s fashion, music, dance, and float-making, so we decided to blog about it anyway. Because as our friend Dug Nielsen, one of the Pride organizers says, “Pride Festival is art interpretted through a flamboyant eye.”

We took our question – “Why is PRIDE art, and how is PRIDE part of the arts?” to Pride’s Grand Marshall, our friend Sister Dottie Dixon, to hear straight from the beautiful horse’s mouth how Pride is part of the arts. Here is what she said:

Sister Dottie Prances and Dances

Sister Dottie Prances and Dances (photo by b. Eleanor Photography)

“Well ta me the arts are in litrully everything a human bein’ comes across in one way er another in life. The arts help we humans to expand and stretch our minds~~visually, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Every human bein’ has those basic 5 needs, and the arts are a exlunt way ta git em developed the best we can in this here lifetime.

The PRIDE FESTIVAL uses a splendid blend of the ARTS ta make it all come off lookin’ like it was easy–when rilly, truly it is A BIG JOB! Frum the perfarmers, ta the designers, ta the entertainers, ta the builders, ta the writers, ta the unique and wonderful foods people can choose frum–ta the music & sound & lighting & makeup & costumes & props & dancin & singin’ & tellin’ staries, and floats, and marchin’ IT’S ALL ART in its own special way. It may not be somethin’ you can hold in her hand, er even see with yer eyes–instead it might be a some powerful literary er spoken words that change yer mind and make ya think diffruntly frum that point on. It may be something visual ya watched that inspired ya, and made yer heart have a deeper meanin’ of the entire world, and we as humans gettin’ along and livin’ tagether in harmony, balance, acceptance, celebration, and most impartantly LOVE! The ARTS always are rilly fine transporters fer alla that I think! They always have been, always will BE!

And Pride is fulla COLORS~~that’s ma favert part, many, ever sa many colors!

Now some LGBT folks, (like ma gay son Donnie–think that drinkin’ Beer non-stop fer four whole days is a ART, but he sure as hell hasn’t convinced me of that YET!) Jist sayin’!

Best ta you ART.duh kids.

Much love,
Sister Dottie S. Dixon”

A few of our picks from the Pride festivities we thought you might want to check out include:

Eric Granto helps SLUG show their Pride!

  • SLUG Magazine’s float in the Pride Parade. They won third place last year. This year, SLUGGIES will bike and roller skate along the parade route proudly sporting “SLUG Mag is GAY” shirts. I’m told their might also be some prancing and dancing as well. The float will sport a 1960s beach party theme, complete with a real boat! Participants will wear shark fins.
  • In Magazine’s float. Actually we dont know much about it. It is top secret til the event. We were invited to ride on it, but we will be busy crafting out all-over-the-place in our rainbow thigh-high socks at the very gay Craft Sabbath.
  • DC Cowboys dance Saturday at 7:00 p.m. and again Sunday at 1:30 p.m. This is an all-male, “Cowboy-Broadway” dance company for gay men in the Washington, DC–metropolitan area. This group is known for giving back, doing fundraisers for charity, often with an HIV prevention focus. This takes place at the festival at Washington Square.
  • Of course, our beloved Sister Dottie is the Grand Marshall this year, don’t miss her reception Friday night at 7:00 p.m.
  • Our friends Mike Burdick and Tyler Kunz will be dancing at Club Jam at 8:00 p.m. Sunday night.
  • And, according to our friend Dug, this is the first year that a whole tent at the Pride Fest on Washington Square will be dedicated to the dance scene, DJs and music. This tent is sponsored by Effen Vodka.
Transfusion Hype Shows Their Painted-on Privates

Transfusion Hype Shows Their Painted-on Privates

  • Studio 27 will hold its grand opening Friday and Saturday nights with dancers, a pet fashion show and drag show. This club is brand new, so you may not know where it is, right next to the Trap bar. All proceeds from the event benefit the Animal Pet Adoption Center. Our friends with Transfusion Hype are performing, as well as Mike Burdick and Chelsea Ellis. Transfusion Hype will be sporting their nudie tops! Tickest are $15.
  • Last but not least, Peter Corroon, candiate for governor will also be in the parade with a float of his own. I was very tempted to accept their offer to join them in the parade because I am a HUGE Corroon supporter, but we had already promised to be elsewhere. Vote Corroon!!

Now as someone who organizes events herself, I have to say, the sponsors and volunteers are what makes all events possible. So please visit the Pride website and make note of the sponsors and support them. A few of the sponsors that I’d like to call out are Wells Fargo (supporting our gay community for many years), Petco, XMission (love this company), City Weekly, Damn These Heels, Park City TV, X 96 and SLUG.

Now this is just a peek of what Pride has to offer, get the whole story on their website at

June 4th, 5th and 6th
Various times, various places. Visit the website for more.

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