Queer Zombies Attack the Damn These Heels Film Festival

Damn These Heels

Damn These Heels Film Fest Poster

Okay, so maybe the zombies in the film aren’t actually queer. And maybe they don’t actually attack the film festival. But they could attack it. You never know. If you ask me, pairing up queer and zombie is a major win! Zombies of Mass Destruction, a film about an Iranian woman, a closeted gay couple, and well, them getting attacked by zombies, is my top pick for films to see at the Damn These Heels Film Festival, tonight through Sunday.

Damn These Heels is an LGBT film festival put on by our friend Levi Elder of the SLC Film Center and his buddies at the SLC Film Society (yes, these are 2 different things as I explained in a previous post). The festival includes 16 unreleased and world premiere films as well as four shorts. All the movies in the festival are by lesbian, gay, transgender or bi-sexual story tellers.

The movies show at the Tower Theatre (900 S 876 E). I believe passes are sold out, but individual movie tickets are still available  at the box office or online at www.damntheseheels.org. Check the website for the complete list of films, there are too many to list here. We’ll see you at the zombie flick!!! And P.S. We will also try to make the Mormon Proposition. And don’t forget to support the sponsors!

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