What Would Jesus Craft?

"More Than a Hobby" by David Green

When we heard a new Hobby Lobby craft store was opening in Sandy, we knew we had to review it for the blog. But having never been to a Hobby Lobby (you see, we just don’t leave downtown), we turned to a notorius crafter and friend to bring a review of the store to our blog. Here is the scoop from our good friend Meg Griggs of The Lewd Quill.


What would Jesus craft? If you have ever had this question burning in your mind well then Hobby Lobby is your Mecca.

Utah is saturated with over priced craft and fabric stores and in these trying economic times, what’s a crafty gal to do? Hobby Lobby is a breath of fresh air. I’ve been making the trek to The District store out on 116th South and Bangerter Hwy for a couple years now. However with the new location on 9347 South Quarry Bend Drive and the other Layton store, I pledge that the place is worth the drive for the affordable treasures you will find. Stocked with a gifted 40% off coupon I hit the Sandy store with much anticipation.

As with their other stores they have a well-merchandised and clean space. Their variety is one that reigns over all. With everything from fabric and baking supplies to jewelry making and painting they really do cover all your hobby needs. But the greatness doesn’t stop there, say you need to pick up a garden gnome and tri-fold picture frame, they have those too. Even though HL has already inexpensive prices they are notorious for their 50% sales on half of the store that they frequently switch to the other half of the items.

My recommendations have sometimes been met with a bit of hesitation after sending a few friends in, some get scared off by the plethora of WWJD kids arts and crafts along with other “Christian” inspired finds. I’ve quickly responded with why not! I mean Roberts Craft and Provo Craft is over flowing with Mormon artwork and LDS referenced knick knacks, I think the competition is great. Now all we would need is a Buddhist beading store.

So all in all, if you are looking for an affordable place to experiment with a new past time or just sticking to a budget with your established craft Hobby Lobby and their godly low prices is the way to go.

Hobby Lobby
9347 South Quarry Bend Drive
Sandy, UT 84094
(801) 727-0826


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  1. I’m already a devout Hob-Lobber so I totally agree w/ Meg’s review. Can’t wait to check out the Sandy store. And it bears mentioning that their yarn selection is second to none – their house brand “I love this yarn” acrylic is super soft and comes in fantastic colors!


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