Our Picks for Utah Arts Fest – Leia Bell, Blue Lotus and Fear No Film

It’s hard to believe the Utah Arts Fest is already here again, June 24 through 27. This year, Leia Bell was picked to design all the marketing materials for the events. We loved what she did.

Here’s my interview with Leia Bell about what she is up to at Arts Fest this year. Leia also owns Signed and Numbered, a great place to shop for art for your pad!

1) Tell us about what you have made for the Utah Arts Fest this year?
I will have loads of little framed prints (inexpensive, and great for gifts), plus tons of refrigerator magnets, and screenprints, including the 3 designs I did for this year’s festival logo.

2) How will they be using your work to promote the event, for example, is it on billboards? Posters? Etc.
I printed the posters myself, and I have seen my image on a billboard and also on their website & in the program.

3) What inspired your art for Arts Fest? And what methods you used to create it. Was it a departure from your normal medium of screen printing?
I wanted to create stylized utah landscapes, as I love this state and its unique geography. I did 3 different designs- a Salt Lake cityscape, snowy mountains, and rock formations of southern utah. I did all of the different color layer drawings by hand, then scanned them into the computer and messed around with them some more. I did end up printing out all the layers again and screenprinted everything by hand.

4) What artists you are working with who you think are up and coming. We worked with Andi last year from your shop when we were promoting Craft Lake City and we were impressed with the talent coming out of Signed & Numbered, and the mentoring you were doing.
My entire staff at Signed & Numbered are amazing, talented artists. Andy and Nic are both printmakers, and Olivia and Marina make fabulous jewelry. Brent is an amazing builder and musician, and of course I can’t say enough nice things about my extremely talented husband, Phil.

5) Let us know anything else you would like us to know. Promote your store, upcoming events, things like that.
We are in the process of remodeling a gallery space down at Kilby Court (750 S 330 W), and that’s where we’ll be holding our gallery events once it’s completed. Our first show there will be a group show including 70 artists and small (8×10″ or smaller) prints. I am in the process of framing all of the art for this right now, so stay tuned! Our new website will be launching next week: www.signed-numbered.com


Blue Lotus Dance Company

Blue Lotus Dance Company

In addition to seeing Leia’s booth, there are a couple of things going on at the Utah Art’s Festival we’d also like to highlight.

Our friends with Blue Lotus, the cabaret belly dance company, will perform at 7 p.m. Friday night in front of the City County building. I love to see them dance, but I am always equally excited to see their gorgeous costumes. This time they will be wearing new green, white and silver beaded and fringed costumes by Amanda Borba.

Fear No Film Festival is another great part of arts fest. It is free (you don’t even need an Arts Fest ticket) and held in the library auditorium. My friend Topher Horman organizes this event. Topher is showing short films in seven different categories named after the seven dwarfs, he told me he organized them based on how you feel after you watch them (ha ha, very creative, Tophy). You can see the schedule at www.uaf.org/fear-no-film-mb

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