Local First’s Indie Week, June 24-July 4

It seems more and more, everything we do is a political statement: what we eat, what we drive, where we live and of growing importance is where we choose to shop. Did you know that three times more money stays in the local economy when goods are purchased locally, than when you spend your hard-earned cash at national Big Box or chain stores?

Shopping local has other benefits too. It is better for the local economy, it helps to protect the environment and enhances our neighborhoods adding the unique character and flavor that can only come from local shops and restaurants.

I work with the non-profit organization, Local First, helping them out with their public relations, because I’m such an advocate of all things local. I’ve gotten the company I work for, Crowell Advertising, behind the cause and we have become a sponsor, because as a local advertising agency we can’t afford not to support locally-owned business. My good friend Matt Monson is Local First’s statewide coordinator.

Local First has 10 events planned in 10 days between June 24 and July 4. According to Matt, Local First is celebrating Indie Week with more free-spirited events this year to show that that supporting local business is a lifestyle statement, and you can have fun while making a difference. The events include dance parties, art shows (featuring artduh’s own Todd Powelson), cooking competitions and seminars with business leaders. Ten events is way too many to list here, so I’ll just link you over to Local First’s website where you can get more information. Shop local, and might I add, don’t forget to buy handmade! Check out more at www.localfirst.org.

And don’t forget to come out and see us on Monday, June 28th at Ulysses Salon. Todd’s posters will be all over the walls, plus we will offer a movie about shopping local and music. See you there!

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