Artists Announced for Craft Lake City

Oh my hell I WANT this jacket by Teresa Flowers

Oh my hell, I WANT this jacket by Teresa Flowers!

Isabell's Umbrella Wrestler

Isabell's Umbrella Wrestler

About a week ago, the giant (but 100% local) SLC alternative craft fair, Craft Lake City, announced the artists they have accepted to vend at the August 14th show. Todd and I were excited to see some familiar names on the list including Kali Mellus, Sonya Evans, and an artist we were just introduced to at Beehive Bazaar in May, Colt Bowden. We actually bought one of Colt’s pieces, which I love because he sewed with a sewing machine right onto his pen and ink drawing. Zig zag stitch, in case you were wondering.

Colt Bowden's Hunch Huddle

That being said, we were equally excited to see TONS of artists we have yet to meet. We will also be vending at the event with Todd’s screenprinted shirts, tons of posters he’s created for local events, and I’m working hard to produce some new crochet work. But, I can promise you we will also be spending a lot of time running around meeting new artists. We hope you will too.

To see the complete list of Craft Lake City vendors, visit, and if you see a vendor you love, drop us a comment and tell us about it!

Happy crafting,
Anna and Todd

Craft Lake City
Saturday, August 14, 2010
Gallivan Center
2 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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