Take the Handmade Pledge

Pith table New for July Craft Sab

Pith table New for July Craft Sab

Don’t miss your chance to support Local Crafters at July Craft Sabath

Carmen Nydegger - Fueled by Whiskey- New Necklace

Fueled by Whiskey - Carmen Nydegger

There are so many reasons to buy handmade. For me, perhaps the most important is that by buying handmade art, I am supporting other local crafters, and making it possible for them to continue doing what they do. But there are many other reasons. Buying handmade crafts strikes a blow against sweatshops – with more and more stores are filled with cheap, plastic goods coming from countries with intolerable working conditions. Another, less political reason, is that giving a one-of-a-kind handmade gift is thoughtful and personal, to many it is far more meaningful than a mass-produced item. There are also innumerable environmental reasons to choose local handmade items over items that have burnt many gallons of fossil fuels in their travels from China to your local Wal-mart.

Cute Headband - New for Craft Sab by Amelia Prime

Cute Headband - Amelia Prime

If you are like me and want to support handmade to the core, tell the world by visiting buyhandmade.org and pledging to buy handmade. They even have a little icon you can put on your webpage. I took the handmade pledge a couple years ago after I read about it in the book Handmade Nation.

And while we’re talking handmade, come out and suport local crafters at Craft Sabath on July 11th. The craft fair is a week late this month do to the 4th of July holiday. Better late than never, right? Todd and I will be there along with many other local crafters. And the Craft Sabbath webpage is now up and running, so check it out at craftsabbath.com.

Craft Sabbath
July 11, Noon to 4
NoBrow Coffee and Tea
315 E. 300 S., SLC, UT

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