Creepy Crochet

I have to admit I love crochet. Nothing can make my eyes well up with tears like seeing a doily, tablecloth or bedspread that someone’s grandmother crocheted by hand using a tiny steal hook. I also love the resurgence of crochet we’ve seen in recent years, with youngsters in their teens and twenties shrugging off the image that crochet is just for grannys with spunky Stitch and Bitch clubs popping up everywhere.

But there is another kind of crochet that I love. The dark, creepy, underbelly of crochet that was popular, it seems, especially in the 70s when women made itchy afghans from garish yellow, orange and brown color combinations using gross acrylic fibers. I know this kind of crochet has a bad name. In fact, its left a huge dingy brown and orange mark across crochet’s reputation, and may be why so many of my non-crafty friends just don’t understand my love for my top hobby. But I love it. And do you know why I love it? I’m not sure I can even explain. I think I’m just facinated by the weirdness of it.

Take for example, one of my favorite crochet books ever, called “Wishes and Wonders.” This book was given to me by someone who doesn’t know my tastes real well. But guess what – I thumb through this book all the time! you know why? Because many of the patterns look like they were made in the depths of hell under Satan’s supervision.

My top pick from this book is called Hidden Secrets. Its a woman’s dickie, matching cuffs and beanie (top photo, right detail photo). You wear it under a jacket, and no one will ever know you’re not wearing a complete sweater – because of the little cuffs, you see. And EVERY middle-aged woman wears a yellow beanie to work with her blazer – just like in this picture? Ha ha, I love this pattern!

You might argue that some of the creepy crochet patterns that I find so facinating are just out of style. That may be partly true. But seriously, when was wearing a yellow dickie with a matching beanie ever in style? But I’ll tell you what, I’d wear it! Ha ha ha.

If you have any creepy crochet patterns of your own, please let us know with a comment or an e-mail to


  1. Hidden Secrets…good hell! Is that some kind of fetish wear? “Underneath this bulky knit dickie and cuffs, I’m completely naked…”

    Dickies just confuse me. There was a girl in my 7th grade class who had to breath through a hole in her neck. She always wore dickies. It was easy to understand why. But beyond that, their existence is a mystery.


  2. Tell me about it – dickies are so strange! My main exposure to them is that the dad wore them all the time in the book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. But that was in 1943. What a modern day woman is doing in a handmade one in a book from 1996, I’ll never understand. Guess it is a “hidden secret,” the great dickie mystery. . .


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