The Ultimates

I’ve been thinking on one of my favorite knock-down, bone-breaking, poop-kicking, big-dumb-super-duper-hero-fun comic book series because of the San Diego Comic Con and upcoming Marvel movies. Yeah, I mean the Ultimates!

The Ultimates is a reinterpretation of Marvel’s super hero team, “the Avengers“. Even though I really liked some of the individual characters, I never particularly liked the Avenger as a team. However, with the Ultimates, the story couldn’t be better.

The Ultimates starts off with Captain America on his final mission during World War II. Everyone thinks he had died on that mission, but nope! He is revived again 57 years later by Gen. Nick Fury, who is recruiting a new special-ops team for the U.S. Government.

In addition to Captain America, Nick Fury’s team includes Iron Man, Ant-Man a.k.a Giant-Man, the Wasp, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. I’m not sure that the Hulk is ever really a member of the team, but they definitely make use of him. Sometimes the Hulk is their greatest enemy, destroying New York City in order to get at Freddie Prinze Jr., and sometimes the Hulk is used as their greatest weapon. There is also Thor, who is either the living son of a Norse god or a lunatic new-age hippie with a big hammer.

All in all, I say “HOORAY!” But if I try and describe all that goes down, it might start to sound like a soap opera with tights, so I won’t give too much of an overview. Just believe me when I tell you this is a very entertaining comic. | Ultimates | Digital Comics | Avengers Assemble!


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