Crafting, Philanthropy and DIY – All for Kids

Today we’ve got Rachel Kade, of Grimmleigh’s Fiends, guest blogging about the an event she is putting together. It’s coming up on Saturday, don’t miss it. Rachel, thank you so much for bringing your awesome voice and perspective to for today’s post!


Molly's Kitten with a Cupcake

Molly's Kitten with a Cupcake

“The Next Gen – Kids Craft Show and Artist’s Reception.”

by Rachel Kade

Jerek Clark's Ganesh

Everybody’s talking about the DYI movement and the Crafting “Revolution”. These aren’t your “Granny’s crafts” either. There’s a lot of talk about how crafting is becoming more popular with the “younger” generation…and by that we usually mean the hip, 20 to early-30-somethings…but what about the EVEN-YOUNGER generation? The Next Generation?!

Local crafter Rachel Kade, decided that these future-artisans might like a venue and a way to learn about crafting & selling their wares. Pair that concept with a 10-year-old daughter that needed to be kept busy this summer and voila! The Next Gen~ Kid’s Craft Show & Artist’s Reception was born!

A “call for artists” went out earlier this summer and over a dozen fantastic kids signed up for what we hope will be a great and educational event. Philanthropy is a huge part of the handmade philosophy so the kids are being asked to donate to a favorite charity as well. Here are profiles of some of the artists, the charities they’ve chosen to donate to, and pictures of what you can expect to see.

Amelia with Sock Creature

First we have Jerek, who is going into the 7th grade and likes math. He’s a very talented illustrator who’s preferred mediums are colored pencils & markers. His favorite artist is Luis Wain, and he will be donating to the Humane Society because he loves animals.

Then we have a brother/sister team: Miles and Amelia are in the 4th and 3rd grade and their favorite subjects are recess & writing. Miles enjoys working with clay and will be featuring his eyeball creations, with names like Macho Eyeball, and Frank Zappa (his favorite artist) Eyeball. Amelia will be featuring her crazy sock monsters and her favorite artist is her Dad, photographer Kevin Lee. Both of these kids will be donating to the Audobon Society’s Gulf of Mexico Recovery Fund.

Miles with Clay Creations

Lora is a 5th grade homeschooler who specializes in polymer clay figurines and has learned a lot from her Aunt Suzanne (local designer Sorry Clementine). Here’s what she has to say about her favorite artist, Van Gogh: “He was a crazy guy, but he was cool. I guess part of the reason he was crazy was because of the paints he used, because the paint back then was toxic”. She’s donating to the Salt Lake County Animal Services “Pit Crew”, where she got her “siblings” Max & Millie.

Onnie is twelve years old and making art is what she LOVES to do!  She sews and crochets clothes for her pet rat and she’s been sewing ever since she was “old enough to hold a needle”.  She also love making stuffed animals, but says it’s “hard to let them go”.  Her grandma and the staff at Youth City have taught her a lot and she is donating to Youth City where she has been going for four years.

Last but not least, Molly is a 5th grader who loves to sew with felt & crochet amigurumi. She prefers using acrylic yarns because of the bright colors and because “some people are allergic to wool”. Her list of favorite artists includes local crafters babyGgear, her mom & dad (of Grimmleighs Fiends), softie artist Love and a Sandwich, comic book artist Doug TenApel and everyone at Charm City Cakes. She makes felt accessories and specializes in animal toys which she donates to local shelters to “help the animals feel happy” She will be donating to the Paws & Claws Benefit for retired lab animals.

When & Where? Saturday, August 21st 6-8:30 p.m. @ Nobrow 315 East 300 South

This event will be free to the public and is being generously hosted by Nobrow Coffee & Tea and sponsored by Craft Sabbath. Light refreshments will be served. For more info please email

Molly's Mermaid

Molly's Mermaid

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