Todd’s Favorite Tshirts

Glenn Jones - Prankster

I have to admit, I have a soft spot for really cheesy and funny tshirts. The more off the wall, the better.

I’ve been collecting Ts most of my life, I guess. Before I could drive I would to ride my bike around the city and there was some street vendor who had the funniest shirts. Every so often I’d stop by his step and buy some random tshirt. That is where my fascination started. “Frank Zappa Crappa”, or “Primo Beer In My Ear”. Those were my favorites.

But my collection really started on a trip I made out to Washington D.C. right around the time George Bush Sr. was elected President. I wasn’t much of a Ronald Reagan fan, and when I saw the “Son of Reaganstein” I knew I had to have it. I love the way Reagan is all creeped out in the background and all Bush has to say is “UuAAarghh”. I wore that shirt until it disintegrated off my body. I miss it still.

Communist Party

A few years ago I found the tshirts by the graphic artist Glenn Jones. He made one of my favorite tshirts, and it is called the “Prankster”. I like the idea of some bored alien taking a quick stop while flying through our solar system, jumping out of his space-ship with his handy-dandy lawn-mower, and making a few crop circles just to mess with us. I also own another called “Scrap Metal”, which shows R2D2 after he’d been run through a metal crusher.

Marshmallow Factory

Around the same time I discovered, and I have also become a big fan of that site. One of my favorite is called “Communist Party”, and I also enjoy a shirt I got for Anna a while back called “Marshmallow Factory”.

I sometimes go through sites like looking for tshirts. I recently wrote about an artist we found there named Jose Pulido, and I have since become the proud owner of many of his Ts.


I also tend to have way too many comic book related shirts. Captain America, the Sentinels, Batman… but my Thor shirt is by far my favorite. I don’t know what I’ll do when I’ve washed that one too many times and it falls apart. Get a new one, I guess.

There are a few shirts that I would like to have. One belonged to my little brother. He found it in Hong Kong and it was nice and random. It had a picture of a hotdog riding a skateboard, and the only word on it in big bold type said “Chocolate”. He doesn’t know, but I loved that shirt!

Earth X Namor

Finally, there is a shirt I regret not getting when I had the chance. This is funny I know, but I really wish I had gotten Alex Ross’ Earth X tshirt featuring Namor. Namor is just pretty cool ya’know, and on this shirt half of his body is on fire, and the other half is a sea-monster! You don’t see that every day! I haven’t seen this shirt for years but it has become a legend in my mind. Oh well, you snooze, you lose.

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