Cheap and Dirty, Just the Way We Like It

Instant Costume Refresh - Pig Goes with Everything

Bed Bugs

At, we don’t think Halloween has to be expensive to be fun. Halloween is bigger this year than ever before, especially for grown-ups. Maybe folks need a break from the bad economic news? Or is it that just that folks want to fight for their right to party?  I’m hoping to see some hottie guys dress up as Whiplash from Iron Man II.

Here’s our guide to doing Halloween up cheap, quick and dirty. Just the way we like it:

Foamy – Cut shapes out of foam and decorating them with a little paint can make you look like almost anything – think toast, fried egg or sunshine. Just cut a hole for your head and poke it in.

Bed Bug Epidemic – Tape bugs (plastic will do) to yourself and your kids and there you go! Maybe dad could dress as the exterminator.

Twilight What Have You Done to My Life

Twilight What Have You Done to My Life

Twilight Mom – Dress up a friend as a little boy complete with a big lolly pop (or use your own little boy). Put him in a red wagon. Then do your hair into a “mom” do, put on a Twilight t-shirt from Hot Topic, and grab your Edward doll. Pull your friend around. Occasionally lick Edward.

The Devil You Know – My FAVORITE thing to do is to dress up as people I know, your husband, wife, friends and neighbors are all game. It may be as simple as putting on a Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts and carrying a weed wacker everywhere to be the next door neighbor. Or put on your wife’s favorite dress. If you are brave, you could dress up as your boss. One year I worked with a group of nurses and I went to work in scrubs with an RN badge on Halloween.

Hooked on aerobics

Hooked on aerobics

Domo-oh-migoto Mister Roboto – A trend we are noticing among our friends is a desire to relive childhood by bringing back the 80s. That’s what I’m doing this year. Remember the show Hooked on Aerobics? My heroes.

Instant Refresh – Did you have a great costume last year, but money is tighter this year? Take a page out of my book and just refresh the costume by adding a pig nose to it. When I was a kid I was a ballerina one year, and a pig the next. The following year I combined the two and went as a pig ballerina. Don’t be surprised to see me next year as a pig Hooked on Aerobics instructor. I’d love to see a pig Geisha. And I have seen some for sale used starting at about $2, but I say spring for $4 for a fresh one.

Do you have cheap, quick and easy ideas to share? We’d love to hear them. Or send us a picture of your own costume. Drop us a comment or post to our Facebook page.

Happy Halloween!

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