Life, Loss and Love – Sleepictures and the Art of Teresa Flowers

There is a certain innocence and childlike quality to the way Teresa Flowers artwork is rendered, even though her pieces often illustrate painful and very personal experience. It was a real treat to visit with Teresa, get to know her a little better, and see all that she has been up to in preparation for her upcoming show at the Artspace Commons Gallery.

The first thing that struck me was the wall of photographs that greet you as soon as you step in the door. These are all very recent pieces, taken within the last nine or so months. Teresa has had some health problems these last few years, including arthritis, which up until recently has made it all but impossible to use a camera. You can feel her excitement and see the creativity photography brings out in her. It’s almost like she doesn’t want to stop composing and taking these pictures, now that she is able to once again.

As you move through the space you see that Teresa has been busy drawing and painting too. Images that helped her get through frightening times when she was too sick to even stand. Pictures of the love she found, the friends she has made, and the family she has lost.

There are many pieces that are included in her upcoming show that I had a very hard time taking my eyes off of. Many treats for the eyeballs! Some that stand out include the drawings Teresa made over old photographs. This creates a otherworldly effect, while at the same time maintaining a very ephemeral quality. They show how temporary everything that lives is, but hint that there might be something more. I founds these pieces to be very beautiful, meaningful and haunting.

While you are at Teresa’s show, be sure to take the time to look through the books she has on display too. There are five or six books she has put together, and I enjoyed looking through each one.

Artspace Commons Gallery
824 south 400 west #134, SLC
Opening on Dec 3rd, from 6-9
Or call for an appointment through Jan 7 – 801-403-4315

You can also find Teresa on Facebook, when Facebook isn’t busy deleting her account 🙂 Apparently they’ve had some issues because she’s posted some of her very tasteful nude photos. It’s art, duh! | Sleepictures

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