12 Days of Christmas with The Hive


I recently wrote about my interest in cutting out shapes in paper and collaging those shapes directly onto a canvas as a way to create a piece of art. Since then, I have gone on to make a new piece using paper (with just a little acrylic paint to add texture). It was even more fun and challenging than I expected.

There is something very beautiful to me about refining a form down to it’s most basic elements, and I wanted the shapes and colors to be very straightforward and simple. It was fun to cut the shapes from small pieces of paper and then fit them together again like a puzzle. I’m sure I will be doing more collage very soon.

You can see my work, along with 11 other artists, in 12 windows at Trolley Square Mall December 1st – 20th. Each piece will be numbered, so you can purchase raffle tickets to win each individual 12 Day’s of Xmas painting. Raffle ticket sales will contribute 20% of the proceeds to St. Jude’s cardiac, neurological and chronic pain Medical Research. You can pick up tickets at the The Hive Gallery & Pottery Barn Kids in Trolley Square.

Since you’ll probably be downtown shopping already, drop on into Trolley Square and the Hive. Support a good cause, and support local artists.

facebook.com | The Hive Gallery

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