Farm-friendly Fiber Fettish

I always thought I loved fiber. Then I met Giuliana Serena. This girl REALLY loves fiber. And it’s not good enough for her to enjoy the feeling of a high-quality wool on her fingers as she crochets, Giuliana wants to meet the sheep that made the wool. And say hello to the farmer that sheered the sheep. And tour their property. And support them in the pastoral dream that is having your own sheep to shear and wool to spin.

Giuliana is a reformed vegan. She hasn’t given up on the ideals of kindness to animals, but she has started to see how you could use wool in ways both conscientious and kind. Wool is far too delicious a fiber to turn your back on. After all, imagine for a moment, life without cashmere. It seems hardly worth living, doesn’t it?

Her family includes Giuliana, her husband and two sons, who live on the Westside of Salt Lake in the Poplar Grove neighborhood. One of her boys answers to the name West – I don’t know if I’m flattered or jealous. Virgil, the Karelian Bear Dog, makes for a family of five.

This season, Giuliana is working with roving, which is a thick fiber rope that has been carded but not spun. The strands have varying widths, fat then thin, fat then thin. When crocheted, roving produces a richly textured garment. Her fleece comes from Romney and Romeldale lambs from Notlwonk Springs Farm in Cornish, just south of the Idaho border in Cache County. Giuliana then took the fleece to Spinderella’s Creations, a family run fiber mill in Salt Lake for milling.

Her hats and scarfs are earthy, chunky and different. You can find them at many different shows this holiday season. She’s also freshening up the old 90s concept of passion parties, by offering crochet parties for girl’s nights in your home, upon request.

Find her hats and scarfs at at the Art Barn in the Finch Lane Gallery, the Swaner EcoCenter’s Artisan Boutique, Gray Wall Gallery and Urbanscrap Eco-Friendly Artisan Boutique in the Flynn Artipelago.

If you’d like to sign up for a class, she will offer an introduction to crochet on December 9 and how to make a hat on December 16. Classes will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Millcreek Arts/Urbanscrap Studio.

Stay tuned for more workshop opportunities on Giuliana’s website,

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