The Most Dressiest Night of the Year

Ron, Missy and their Bulldog Look great for NY Eve

Ron, Missy and their Bulldog Look great for NY Eve

You’d be hard pressed to find a gal with more passion for Salt Lake City than I have. From the pioneer architecture to the local art scene to the winding trails out my downtown back door, I love my little city. But one thing about SLC leaves me wanting. People here don’t like to dress up! Come on now folks, there are occasions that call for the Birkenstocks and t-shirts to head to the back of the closet. That’s why I’m always glad when January rolls around because New Year’s eve inspires many folks to put on their silver pants, low cut black tops and favorite heels and party the night away.

Today, we’re bringing you the great taste of one Salt Lake City couple who have made a life out of vintage. Missy Baber owns Misc Boutique on Broadway, and fills the store with affordable vintage women’s clothing. I got my now legendary dark brown ¾ length faux fur coat at her store for under $35, you can see it in our Christmas card post. And Missy’s man, Ron Green, owns the Green Ant vintage furniture store next door. Together, they help make our town a little more stylish. And here is what they are wearing for New Year’s Eve:

Missy, wearing items from the late 1950s to the early 1960s:

Beautiful Missy

Beautiful Missy

– Metallic brocade empire maxi dress – $42
– Vintage fur scarf $32
– Gold mesh metal evening purse $24

Ron, wearing items from the 1960’s:
– White tuxedo jacket $42
– Tuxedo shirt – $18
– Tuxedo pants $24
– Studs & cuff links

Even their bulldog is looking cute in a little bow tie.

Missy offers these fashion tips for New Year’s Eve, “I am all about comfort as well as fit and I love maxi dresses especially in winter because they provide warmth which is also why I love vintage fur accents!  Also you can ditch your shoes and not feel like you lost an essential component of your outfit.”

Drop us a note or a photo and let us know what you’re wearing to kick off 2011. And to get the look for yourself, visit Misc Boutique at 179 East Broadway in Salt Lake City.


  1. I love that dress! I wish I could fit in something like that again. And Ron looks dashing. I would love to dress up for New Years eve and go to a fancy party. But with young kids and a daughter that is going to be dancing with the bag pipe band at 11:30 there will be no dress up party for us.


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