52 Naked Ladies in 2011

I love New Year’s Resolutions. Those of you who already know that under the fun-loving exterior of Anna lies a driven and goal-oriented animal won’t be surprised that I always spend New Year’s Eve setting goals. In the spirit of making and achieving my favorite holiday tradition, I’ve asked some of Utah’s best, brightest and most talented artists, personalities and writers to share their resolutions.

Coming in first, my co-editor Todd had the most creative, funny and art-related New Year’s resolution. Forget resolving to lose weight or floss your teeth (both resolutions from my past), Todd has resolved to draw more naked ladies. One naked lady per week for the next 52 weeks using one of his favorite Christmas gifts, his new IPad with a drawing app and wand (ha ha you said wand). Todd calls it figure drawing, I call it the world’s greatest resolution.

Chip Haskell, Creative Director at Crowell Advertising claims “I’ve resolved to use more profanity, but do less drinking. Wait. Maybe it was less profanity and more drinking. Shit.” He says he may dump that one and instead “Resolve to find and kill Osama Bin Laden.”

Daisy Blake

Daisy Blake, Theater and Arts Reporter for In Magazine has committed to 5 resolutions: “1) Start a journal, 2) Plan my wedding, 3) Get better at roller derby, 4) See more plays – My aim this year is to break my predecessor Kelly Baker’s record and see 67 of them. 5) Breathe – I’ve noticed recently that I start to hold my breath when I am stressed. I don’t think this is a particularly good idea.”

Tamara Fox

Tamara Fox

Tamara Fox, co-owner of Gray Wall Gallery has made 3 resolutions: “1) Take more time for myself this year. 2) Work smarter not more. 3) Make Gray Wall Gallery even more of a success than 2010!”

Portia Early

Portia Early

Portia Early, a UtahFM DJ is my heroine when it comes to setting goals and achieving them. This past year she got “smober,” quit drinking, smoking and lost weight. Here are her goals for 2011: “1) Take a Facebook break for the month of January, 2) Switch from coffee to tea, 3) Give up white bread, pasta and rice, 4) Say “hi” to every stranger I see, 5) Give up meat except for fish, 6) Do some form of yoga every day, 7) Walk 20 minutes a day.”

But here’s my favorite of Portia’s goals. I think I need to commit to do this myself. “I will not buy any clothes or beauty products, and ‘shop’ in my own house; meaning I will have to use and learn to appreciate what I do have.“

Matt Monson, Local First’s Grassroots Coordinator and Salt Lake City Fashion Stroll boss has three resolutions: “1) I’m going to double down on my efforts to think, buy, act and support ‘Local’ in my community. This means more than just shopping at my favorite local shops – it means knowing my neighbors, getting out for gallery strolls & arts events, hiking / road trips across Utah’s backcountry, trying to eat locally-grown fruits and veggies, and just generally putting in a little love for the city and state that I call home, 2) For 2011, much of the year will be spent in heavy defragmentation of the hard drive in my head – trying to clear up all those bogus thoughts & responses we all get conditioned with growing up, and rewriting the code with positive thoughts, better approaches, and having a lot more fun, and 3) I’m working on my personal time management. As much as I’d like to argue that time is some silly human concoction – it seems I can’t get enough hours in a day, and always running 10 minutes late. I’m going to work on that… or find the wormhole of time/space continuum somewhere just outside Goblin Valley and put that issue to bed.”

Gavin Sheehan is our only friend to vow revenge: “Lose weight, write more, finish two big projects, find a job, raise more hell than last year, get revenge on two, and perhaps rewatch the entire original Twilight Zone in order again.”

And last and least important, here are my own resolutions: 1) Stay sober. Stay sober. Stay sober. 2) Write a monthly architecture feature for the blog. This is a great chance for me to learn more about one of my passions. 3) Write a monthly food feature for the blog – with a focus on healthy, vegetarian food that is made by a local restaurant or can be made at home. I’d love to help my friends who can’t cook to improve their skills in this area; and 4) Go back to teaching the 9 to 14 year old kids at Ottinger Hall. Being around these great kids is good for my soul.

Wishing you the best in 2011, Love, artduh.com


  1. Thanks Anna! You have inspired me too. I’ll totally do the veg restaurant review/cooking with you and do one painting of naked animals and fruit once a week. 😉 Meaning I can procrastinate with my painting. And I paint cherries and animals so…


  2. And another thing, those naked ladies are beautiful!! And I can’t believe I’m your heroine. *blushes* You yourself Anna are one of the sweetest, most giving, and selfless individuals I know!


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