Trash Becomes Treasure

Colt and Sarinda Find Treasures in Recycle Bins

The SLC Hotel Monaco, a Kimpton Hotel, asked me to help them put together a Recycled Art Show for Earth Week. The show kicks off on April 15 with Gallery Stroll and will stay up in the “Living Room” of the hotel for about a week.

Sarinda Harvests Glassy Treasures

The pieces for the show will be made from items salvaged from the recycling bins and refuse from the basement. I chose Sarinda Jones, a local glass artist, for the show because I thought she would do an amazing job turning old liquor and wine bottles into sculpture. I also invited Colt Bowden, a local sign painter, seamster and paper magic worker, because he seems like the kind of guy who could make something beautiful from garbage.

I have wanted to curate an art show for a long time and I’m excited to finally get my chance. Last Friday, Colt, Sarinda and I took a tour of the Hotel’s garbage bins. I’ve never seen such tidy, organized garbage in my life. I was hoping the beautiful old building would be haunted, but I didn’t even see a single cobweb. The bowels of the building were immaculate.

Colt's Quest Unearths Cool Old Windows

Colt chose some old windows from the days years and years ago when the building was a bank. They are edged in metal with slots that say “U.S. Post Office.” He also found a bunch of old wooden boards. He said he’s going to go for a sophisticated theme to fit in well with the beautiful, yet comfortable, hotel.

Sarinda found beautiful blue, amber, green and yellow glass in the recycling bins. She is going to do some tests and then go back for more. She envisions cutting, melting and fusing circles of glass into wall and maybe even ceiling sculptures.

As the project develops, I’ll blog again. I can’t wait to see what these talented artists come up with. For more info on the Monaco, which I love for its gay, art and pet-friendly policies, visit:

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