Why Don’t We Do It in the Road

I was taught by a New York Times freelancer that anything can be considered a trend as long as you can find 3 examples of it. Well, there is a trend busting out north and south on my street that I’d like to call “why don’t we do it in the road.” My neighbors up and down 200 W have taken to dragging old furniture into our wide, grassy median and, I guess, are just chillin’ and thrillin’ out there.

I’ve never actually seen anyone sitting, much less “doin it” on the furniture out in (literally) the middle of our road. Weather doesn’t seem to factor into the decision to haul the Laz-E-Boy outside. It didn’t look that fun to lounge on the hide-away-bed by the E-Z Mart during this last snow storm. In fact, sofa plus snow plus no roof usually equals a soggy sofa. Even our bountiful homeless population is snubbing the upholstery this time of year. When the weather warms up, I’m expecting an entrepreneurial kid to start charging a quarter for a nap on his block.

No one will be watching us so why don't we. . .

No one will be watching us so why don't we. . .

Every time I walk outside and see a new piece of furniture I think is this trend “Hot or Not?” The pros, enjoying nature, making good use of the lovely median and comfortable place to drink beer seem to weigh about equally with the cons, trashy, germy and moist.

What do you think? Would you like to do it in my road?

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