Free Style Screen Printing

I recently heard that a group of young, free-style printers had become loyal ArtDuh fans. They run a business called Theareem Clothing Company in Northern Hollywood, CA. They print free-style, meaning the colors and inks will never be the same on any two shirts.

“One shirt can be very mellow with blues and yellows,” says the group’s organizer, Ray Mendoza. “And the next shirt might resemble something like a fruit roll up with the colors.”

Colors aren’t the only thing that makes Theareem’s shirts cool though. Typography plays a big part, “We also love typography, so we try our hardest to invent our own lettering and different ways to spell our name,” says Ray.

Fans of the brand are often urban trendsetters who are deep into subcultures like graffiti art and hip hop.

The t-shirt company has a free give-away for ArtDuh readers. Post a comment with the answer to this question “Who was the second man who landed on the moon? And what name did he inspire?” and win a free scom tee, as seen on this link First right answer wins.

Visit their website or fan them on facebook at


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