Lindsay Frendt’s Figure

Ha ha, I bet based on this title, you thought I was going to talk about Lindsay Frendt’s cute bod. Well it is cute, but actually I’m going to talk about figures she has drawn. I’ve seen things Lindsay has sewn and jewlery she has made, and I love it. But I wasn’t prepared for the emotional potency of her figure drawings. The Salt Lake native talks about her figure drawing experience:

“Early on I became intrigued with the human figure and never really enjoyed drawing or painting until I drew a face. It was not until I left for college that I was introduced to nude figure drawing. I loved the way that the emotions of the model as well as my own started to be portrayed on the paper. After returning to Utah after college I ended up volunteering to teach a figure drawing class at the Murray Lions Rec Center. Most of my students were women in their 70’s – 80’s and we opted for clothed models. It was an amazing experience. I have just recently begun the preparations for a series of paintings that will have some focus on the human figure.”

If you are inspired by Lindsay, there are two awesome resources for figure drawing in Salt Lake City:

  • King’s Cottage Figure Drawing Class, Tuesday nights, 6:30 to 9:00 p.m., $7
  • Dr. Sketchy’s drawing class with the local burlesque girls at Bar X, info is posted at

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