First Church of Christ, Scientist

The former First Church of Christ, Scientist, located at 352 E. 300 South, in Salt Lake City, would be my home if I were a millionare. I love this building so much that I actually priced it out when it was for sale a few years ago. Our half-assed, underfunded plan was to live in part of it, open part of it for SLUG magazine and the rest could be studio space.

My friend Wikipedia tells me the old church was the first Christian Science church in Utah. It was designed by local architect, Walter E. Ware, in the Richardsonian Romanesque style and was built in 1898 of brick and local sandstone.

It was painted a cream color while it was on the market about four years ago. Todd and I believe it is an abomination to paint a gorgeous old brick building to look like Elmer’s glue. Thankfully, the church’s new owners, a lovely church with a lot of Hispanic members, sandblasted it back to normal. We wonder what they did with the cool old statues. Honk and wave and you drive by! Wish this building was mine!

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