The True Meaning of Fashion

Terrie Hall

Terrie Hall

I’ve said many times that fashion is what makes the world go round. You might think I’m kidding. But I’m not, even one little bit. Fashion is group identification, identity, self-expression, the most personal form of creativity, comfort, dignity and elegance.

I recently met a woman who remind me of Audrey Hepburn, and her careful attention to her beauty and wardrobe is everything I want to be. She is able to express dignity, self-respect and elegance with her classic choices. Beautiful suits in black and white. Bold patterns. Nautical navy with splashes of red. Terrie Hall is my new fashion icon.

After meeting Terrie, I believe fashion is all the more important for her because she literally does not have a voice. She lost her larynx to cancer caused by smoking. Terrie speaks through a heat-activated voice box prosthesis. Talking is difficult because she must hold her breath. In some ways, style is Terrie’s voice. People notice her as she walks down the street, and as they turn to glance they get an eyeful of class.

Anyone can be a victim. Terrie has been a victim of cancer ten times. But it takes courage to become a survivor. Terrie has found meaning in suffering. She now tours the country talking to youth about the dangers of smoking. She turned personal heartache around and made it public awareness.

To me, Terrie is the true meaning of fashion. I hope to grow up to one day be as classy, elegant, beautiful and expressive as she is. Terrie Hall, you are my idol – both in the realm of fashion and otherwise.

Here’s more of her store as told through the local news media. Please share her story with your children. Terrie’s hope is to save one child from cancer’s devastation. If she can do that, she says all the pain will be worthwhile. | A Tale of One Teens Addiction and her Fight with Cancer | Hall & students – Taylorsville

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