Aiden Lopez, Second-grader’s Signature Style Noticed by Weber State University

I don’t know if I’m the world’s biggest fan of kid’s art – or if I resent it because art is considered a great past time for kids, until you grow up and everyone starts asking “When are you going to get a real job?” and “How much did you make on THAT?”

But, I’m sure you will agree this is about the cutest thing ever.

Aiden Lopez, who was a baby when he was the curly-haired little boy around the corner from me in the Avenues, has been noticed by Weber State University’s art department for a family portrait. The monochrome orange portrait includes “A nod to the traditional Norman Rockwell/1950s television father of yore,” according to proud dad, Jesus, in the form of a pipe his dad is smoking.

Jesus hopes that Aiden’s teachers didn’t assume it was a crystal meth pipe. They do live in Ogden now, after all.

I’m a proud auntie and I can’t believe this little guy has gotten so big so fast. Dad also explains that the big eyes on each figure is “A signature detail in
all of his portraits. His subjects, especially his representations of himself are taking in as much information as possible. That is certainly true of a person of such a young age, but it also comments how modern society is inundated with information from a variety of sources. In the past, families relied on the local paper or the radio for information, now families are flooded with 24 hour news channels and the Internet.”

You can see Aiden’s work at Weber State University’s Student Union Art Gallery through June 1. He also earned an honorable mention in a 2nd grade wide art contest. Go Aiden!

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