Bob Dylan’s Birthday

We don’t write about music here at, or haven’t yet anyway. That is not because we aren’t interested in music, but because we think music is very well covered by much more qualified people. Since Bob Dylan is turning 70 on May 24th, it seems like it might be a good time to feature at least one musician in one post.

Dylan’s words cut deep, and the imagery and ideas they inspire are impossible to forget. I’m amazed by what Bob Dylan created, and how fearless his work is. Most of  Bob Dylan’s studio albums up through the mid-70s are exceptional, and I also enjoy some of what he’s released in the last few years. One of my very favorite albums ever by any artist would be Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks, and I can listen to that any old time, along with Freewheelin Bob Dylan, Blonde on Blonde, Highway 61 Revisited, Bringing it All Back Home… damn, they are all good. I’ve seen Bob Dylan in concert too many times to count, and it was usually a good time. I was too young (or not even on the planet yet) to have enjoyed the concerts from his early years, but I do listen to the recordings, and would recommend 1966 Royal Albert Concert Hall and 1975 Rolling Thunder Review. You might also be interested in watching Don’t Look Back and No Direction Home. Good stuff.

Happy Birthday and God Bless Bobby!

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