When In Doubt, Ad More Glitter – Advice from the Beauties of Blue Lotus, Part 2



Part 2 – Stage Beauty

Who better than the beautiful Blue Lotus belly dancers to offer advice for looking beautiful for the stage and photos. Here are their words of wisdom:



Liz  says “1)  Foundation on the eyelids keeps eye shadow from creasing, 2)  Chilling pencils (eye or lip liner) in the fridge for a few minutes before using keeps them from becoming soft and smudgy (editor’s note: I love this tip!), 3)  A little spritz of hair spray on your face keeps your foundation from running, this is extremely helpful when we do shows outside in the summer time (editor’s note – my skin would react like an acid burn, but I know many people with less sensitive skin could do this).”

Annie says “I have slightly down-turned eyes, which I don’t like, so when I apply eyeliner I do a heavy cat eye on the top lid and a very thin line on the bottom.  This disguises the natural shape of my eyes.”

Meg says “Liquid eyeliner, finished with a brushed on powder eyeliner make for a dramatic eye.”



All of the Blue Lotus girls agree, false eye lashes are essential for stage and photos. I’d like to share the tips taught to me by a Belly Dance Superstar for applying false eyelashes. First, protect your delicate eyelid by applying your eye shadow, liquid liner and a layer of dark powder eye shadow over the liquid liner while it is still wet. Next, using a cotton swab or even a toothpick, apply eye lash glue to the lash. Set it aside. Let the glue partially dry before applying. Use tweezers to tug into place.

Here are some great opportunities to see Blue Lotus live. Don’t miss them at Arts Fest, for me, they are the best part of the whole event!

Psychedelic Show and Seminars, Friday June 10 and Saturday June11 www.bellydancingbythia.com

Sandstorm Show and Seminars, Friday June 17 and Saturday June18 www.shimmeringsandsbellydance.com

Salt Lake City Arts Festival, Friday June 24 at 6:30 on the City & County Building Steps

Summer Oasis Show and Seminars, Friday August 5 and Saturday Aug 6 www.hathordancecollective.com

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