Chicken Week!!!!!

Urban farming. Organic gardening. Locavore. Self-sustaining. Simpifying.

I don’t know if keeping a gaggle of chickens in your backyard is actually a way of simplifying your life. It seems having 6 feathered creatures to care for might actually be an added complication. But I have noticed in the last few years, particularly since the onset of the Great Recession in 2008, there has been a shift in values from materialism to do-it-yourself.  Since I am Laura Ingles Wilder reincarnated, this outlook suits me just fine. And, while my obsession only goes as far as making recipes from scratch, taking in strays and crocheting with natural fibers, I love that so many of my friends and neighbors are raising farm animals and growing pesticide-free gardens in their backyards.

In celebration of urban farming, Wasatch Community Garden is hosting “Chicken Week.” It kicks off June 18th and includes a Tour De Coups in South Salt Lake, a movie about chickens, workshops and culminates with a home grown chicken coop tour in my neighborhood, Salt Lake City north of 2700 South.

Here’s a link so you can get out and enjoy some farm culture right here in down town.

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