The SLC Film Center and Salt Lake Film Society are kicking off the 8th annual Damn These Heels Film Festival June 17 through 19th. Fourteen films from seven countries will be shown at the Tower Theater, 876 E. 900 S.

I’m going to skip telling you about the first show and opening reception because you will be at Fashion Stroll, which is going on at the same time. However, after Fashion Stroll you should have plenty of time to get gussied up and head over to the midnight film on opening night.

Maria Mellus, the beautiful goddess of the film center explains the event by saying, “Contrary to the title DAMN THESE HEELS! is not a Tranny Film Festival, DTH! is about bringing the best films with LGBTQ content from festivals around the world to Salt Lake City. You need not be gay to enjoy these films, Straight Allies and Cinephiles will be pleased with the multiplicity of this year selections. That being said,  we do love our trannies and the opening night midnight film ALL ABOUT EVIL will be Trannytastic, with a Gore Couture Fashion Show and on going stage show to accompany the film.  Tickets are still available at www.damntheseheels.org

I wish I were making costumes for the Gore Couture show. Someone can borrow my bullet bra – add a little blood and you are set.

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased online at www.damntheseheels.org, where you can also look at the line-up.

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