Bank-Owned Castle Needs a Little Love

Fire escape and addition

Fire escape and addition

This property needs a little love, but would be worth it considering you could live in one unit, rent out two, and have the whole of Liberty Park as your backyard, as well as a lot of cool neighbors, including artists Dave Borba and Cory Bushman who live in the area.

Based on my field guide, this house appears to my untrained eye to be a Victorian Eclectic home, with several additions, including a cool fire escape. This style became common in American Architecture between 1885 and 1915, and was especially popular in Utah’s Ogden, Provo and Salt Lake City. Many of the homes were built from plans found in low-cost pattern books. The Victorian Eclectic style is irregular (or asymmetrical) in shape and highly decorated.

For more info about this property, which unlike most of the homes we blog about is for sale and bank-owned, visit

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