Kids Craft-i-peneurs

This summer I’ve been teaching a class on marketing craft products – for kids. I teach at a Youth City program in the Avenues, and my students are the best, smartest and most talented kids in all of the SLC! They have learned to write marketing strategies, develop tactical plans, build displays, draw logos, conduct branding and even e-commerce. This past week, they each wrote “copy” to advertise their products. Some took more of an ad-focused approach while others wrote like journalists. Here is what they had to say. Be sure to look for these products around town and support amazing child artists and crafters.

Savanna F with Squeeze Me Lemonade
For Squeeze Me, I sell fresh lemonade. I made the recipe myself. You could by my products for birthdays and other special events, it would be an excelent party treat. Every cup would cost at least 75 cents, or buy ½ dozen cups and get one free. My inspiration was when I was little I had lemonade stands all the time. It was super fun and so I decided to sell lemonade. The reason I am doing it I am trying to buy a house for my mom, but I’m donating at least 10 percent of earned money to charity.

Kay, this is not my class. . but it could be

Kay, this is not my class. . but it could be

Abbie B. With Cookielishisnous
Cookielishisnous selling now. Come buy these delicious cookies sold by kids. Only $10.89 4 a dozen. Choco-ship, butterscotch, pumpkin choco-chip, sugar cookies, snickerdoodles and oatmeal choco-chip.

Lexi Bo Bexi
Lexi Bo Bexi is a product that I make handmade jewelry. Then make a charm of a word out of shrinkidink. I will costomize your jewelry. My inspiration is not always being to express yourself. So one word to describe you will be on your jewelry. It would make an exlent anniversary, valentines, Christmas etc gift. For example some words that may describe you are outgoing, funny and original. So mabey you would choose one to wear so when your out-and-about people will know the one word to describe you.

Rat-It-Too Me by Onnie O.
I make sock monkeys, becouse when I was little my grandma’s friend would always send me sock monkeys in the mail. For $15 recycled. I make magnets with beer caps from Café Molise. (I have connections.) Some hair pins I make are rilly cute! Some of them are hand embroidered roses and vases of flowers. My stuff is pretty cute!!!!!

Brenden M. Anime Today. . . Tomorrow. . . Forever.
I draw anime because it’s fun. Anime is awesome because the detail on the people, the way they dress is different. The animes I draw is Soul Eater, Full metal Alchemest, D-Gray man and Shool rumble all TV Tokyo shows. I teach my self to draw them. I’ve been drawing since I was little and I am pretty good at it. I practice drawing once and awhile. I’ll try to make Plush “dolls,” to end this I say Anime Today. . . Tomorrow. . . Forever.

Crafti Indulgence by Sadiki
I make crafts such as stuffed animals, purses, wallets, jewelry, hair clips, beads, buttons and more! All of my ideas are original and made to fit your needs (or wants) J I will custom make any of the above items (or others) specially for you.

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