Coming up on the People’s Market Stage: The 14th Ward, Live from the Rubber Room School of Dance

The 14th Ward, Anna, Rachel and Jessica

The 14th Ward, Anna, Rachel and Jessica

In July, Todd and I started The Rubber Room School of Dance and Flexibility in our garage. With our 5-year-long extreme home make over winding down, we finally had space to stretch out and do some of the things we love. The garage is now The Rubber Room, and my performing belly dance company, The 14th Ward, has already become quite amazing. We’ve packed at least a year’s worth of technique into just a few months, and we are already performing.

Come see us in our vintage-inspired antiqued costumes at the People’s Market between 11 and 1 pm on Sunday, October 23. Our line-up includes a traditional Egyptian belly dance piece, followed by a techno-flamenco-tribal fusion number to Shake Break Bounce by the Chemical Brothers, and wraps up with a performance art-inspired dance to a remix of songs I love from musicals, most notably Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Rent.

The company includes talented beauties Rachel Hayes and Jessica Payne, who are not only performing after a few months of practice, but are also choreographing. Both lovely ladies are experienced dancers from the days of yore, Rachel in modern and Jessica in belly, and are excited to reignite the dance flame after responsibilities like kids, jobs and higher education began to compete with creative bliss for their time and attention.

Come out and support The 14th Ward, and let us know if you are interested in any of the classes we have to offer. I am also offering beginning and intermediate belly dance in the Rubber Room, and Portia Early teaches restorative yoga on Fridays at 5:45.

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