Tagging in the Wild

We are talking about animals all month and art (duh), but what about art on animals? What about graffiti on animals?

Last year, the WWF conducted an ad campaign in which they tagged wild animals. The ads look amazing, and they do make me want to fight for endangered species and wilderness.

I remember in college in my social marketing classes, UNICEF’s similar ad techniques were offered as examples of good ways to reach a population. And then I knew, that was exactly what I wanted to do for a living. Shock people creatively into making good decisions.

If, unlike me, you didn’t decorate your bedroom in jr high and high school with WWF posters and  brochures, I’ll tell you abou it. WWF is a 50-year old global conservation organization. Their priorities are protecting wildlife, fighting climate change and building sustainable lifestyles for human beings. And, I love the image of the tagged elephant.

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