Food Coop

My produce load - from both co-ops

My produce load - from both co-ops

There are two ways to shop the Crossroads Urban Center Food Co-op. The first is their Monday sales, from 3:30 to 6:30 at 1726 S 700 W. Todd and I wandered in the day after totally stocking up and it was AMAZING. A foody’s dream come true, and so inexpensive. So check that out, every Monday.

The second way is to order for the once a month co-op pick ups. We did this last month and it was SO FUN! First of all, the co-op people took over the First Presbyterian Church on C street and laid out food in a huge semi-circle. Second, there was a funeral going on and it felt a little like being a  movie – a cross between Harold and Maude and The Graduate. Todd and I couldn’t stop giggling  (rest in peace and our condolences to the family). I had Scout with me, and she got tons of attention.

The way it works is you order a share in advance, and then choose a pick up location. We ordered 2 shares at 17 dollars each. We got carrots, pears, apples, oranges, four avocados, asparagus, mushrooms, garlic and at least two heads of lettuce. A HUGE box stuffed with food.

Its fun to go pick up produce with other cool cats who live in your neighborhood. It’s also really fun to NOT go to the grocery store – that place is the bane of my existence. The price is greatly reduced, too.

To compare the two co-ops, they are similar in price. A single share from Muir is about twice as big and costs about twice as much. The Muir group’s food seems to be a little more fancy. The Food Co-op is a little more basic, but not greatly so. Both are committed to providing healthy, unprocessed food options.

The biggest upside to the Muir option is that it is offered twice a month. I can’t get by with produce only one time per month. Our plan is to do every other time – so we will get the Food Co-op food in the middle of the month, and the Muir bundle at the end of the month. Should be just about perfect. Place your order and get more info here:

Bon appetite!

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