Bullet in My Shoulder

blood running down my vest

For hmm at least four years now I’ve been paying tribute to my cowboy/pioneer heritage by mixing textiles with spent bullet cartridges. It all started with The Bullet Bra – a costume I was asked to make out of industrial materials. If bullets aren’t a useful industrial material, what is?

I became interested in wearing bullets on more than just my bra, and I’m now refurbishing denim cowboy style jackets with bullets. I’m calling this series “Bullet in my Shoulder” after an old Frankie Lane song I listened to as a kid.

I don’t want to give all the pieces away, and in fact, some of them haven’t yet been made. But here is my favorite, a mating of a pioneer girl and an old school cowboy I like to call “Blood Runnin Down My Vest.”

Oh and guess where you can see them and maybe take home one of your very own? The My Dead Friends Show, Ulysses, opening Jan 15.

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