The Nectar of Death

My first solo show is on Sunday, 6 to 8 pm. I know you want to come see the art, but I know it is WAY more important to you that I have some decent food and drink.

Here’s what we have going.

The food and drink will follow the vintage theme – everything in the show is meant to represent my grandmother’s era, when people cooked, cleaned, kept house, embroidered samplers and in the 40s, everyone was shocked to discover that ladies could, in fact, build weapons.

On the food side, I’m going to prepare my grandmother’s tomato cheese mayo jello mold. I’ve never made a jello mold before. I’ll also be making her patented soda cracker pie, which has GOT to be a depression era recipe. With the state of the economy, I’d probably get good at making pies and other edibles based on soda crackers.

We will also have a few snacks that actually taste good. Grandma’s coconut cream pie is on my list.

On the drink side, we will be serving Keystone for the cowboys in attendance, and  Dead Orange Blossoms (gin and o.j., shaken with ice) for the lovely gentle ladies who would enjoy a nip or two.

Food is art, art is food.

See you on Sunday, and by the way I’m supposed to put tuna in the jello mold, and also make a banana carrot stir fry to prevent strokes. But I just cannot go that far, not even for art.

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