Divine Love

The Fourteenth Ward of the Rubber Room School of Dance and Flexibility will perform at an event called Divine Love on Saturday night. The show begins at 5 p.m. at Lumenas Studios, located at 625 south 600 West in Salt Lake City. It’s a family friendly event that closes around 9 p.m. for kiddo’s bedtimes.

We are excited to dance for a great cause, the $10 tickets will be donated to the Utah PRIDE Center to keep great programs going to serve the GLBTQA community.

This is the Fourteenth Ward’s first belly dance showcase event, which will be all belly dance all the time. The event’s line up looks amazing and includes:

Oryantal Dansi
Sofia Featherwood
Kita Zira
Gypsy Flame
Rodrigo (song)
Marta Reeder
14th ward of the rubber room
Ian of Dustbloom (music)

INTERMISSION (15 mins with Dj good-e)

Tabla Arabia
Maren Lacy (poetry)
Elizabeth charlesworth (poetry)
Habibi Habibi
Rodrigo (dance)
14th ward of teh rubber room
Amanda Borba
Dayna Mckee
Antigua tierra (music)
Oryantal Dansi

And bring your money because there will also be a silent auction.

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