Pablo Perea

La Partida - 2011

Our Lady of the Arrival - 2011

This last week, Anna and I were fortunate enough to make our way down to Santa Fe once again. The food, the landscape, the architecture, the people and the artwork, it’s a great place to go… kind of a home away from home really. We made our way into a number of different galleries, and enjoyed most of what we saw, but the first artist whose work I want to share in a post is painter Pablo Perea.

There is a lot of great work to see in the gallery Canyon Road Contemporary, but as soon as I saw Perea’s work, it was hard to pull myself away. Perea is a Cuban artist who, from what I understand, emigrated to America and is now living in New Mexico. It is easy to get lost in the color and texture. His paintings show his Muse narrating his life experience through visual storytelling and very personal symbolism. | Pablo Perea | Pablo Perea 

Roja - 2011

Los Campos de la Memoria

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