Cecil Touchon

Post Dogmatist Painting 401

Post Dogmatist Painting 288

Another artist whose work I saw and enjoyed in Santa Fe is Cecil Touchon. If you find yourself down that-a-way, be sure to stop in to the Nüart Gallery up Canyon Road and take a look around. Touchon was my favorite in the gallery, but they also have very nice work by many other artists.

I’ve always liked hard-edge abstraction and color field painting. In part, it is the graphic designer in me that geeks out over Touchon’s paintings, because I like the hint of typography behind his patterns and shapes. This helps create a marriage of style, with the sort of blending of Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism. But those shapes are beautiful in and of themselves too, and create nice abstract patterns.  His method for creating his work is also very interesting. From what I understand, Touchon collects old billboards and signs, then tears them apart. He will assemble a collage and then “paint a picture” of his collage using trompe l’oeil techniques. The resulting paintings are beautiful and kept my eyes looking.

nuartgallery.com | cecil touchon


Post Dogmatist Painting 287

Post Dogmatist Painting 289

Post Dogmatist Painting 374

Post Dogmatist Painting 342

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