Remedios Varo

Astro Errante


I remember back in the pre-internet days, there were a number of artists who I wanted to reasearch and whose work I wanted to see more of, but there was just very little information out there. Remedios Varo was one of those artists, and I’ve decided to post some of her work here on ArtDuh so I can easily look at it any old time I want. I really do like her sort of surrealist-fantasy style.

Música Solar

Varo was born in Spain in 1908, but fled to Paris at the start of the Spanish Civil War. Even now, I still don’t know a lot about her life. I know she also fled from Paris during the Nazi occupation and settled in Mexico. She knew Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. And she was also a friend of Leorna Carrington’s, and together those two helped develop a very strong Mexican Surrealist movement.

Varo’s work is very interesting to look at, and the symbolism is interesting to explore.


Nacer de Nuevo


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