Leonora Carrington

I mentioned Leonora Carrington in my post last week, and now her work is on my mind. She is another artist whose work I have always been interested in, but it was exceptionally hard to find at one point… but not so much anymore I guess. Still, I want to see her work here on ArtDuh, and post a few of her paintings.

I am a bit more familiar with her background, probably because she and another favorite artist, Max Ernst, were a couple for a number of years. Carrington was a young artist living in London when the two met, already very interested and involved in Surrealism. The two met at one of Ernst’s shows in London, and almost immediately moved to France, finally settling in the south. Then World War II got going…

Ernst was arrested by French authorities because of his German heritage. He was eventually released, but after the occupation he was arrested again, only this time by the Nazi. Carrington fled to Spain. Ernst was eventually able to escape with the help of Peggy Guggenheim, and he fled from Europe to America. In the mean time, Carrington had a full mental breakdown in the British embassy and was institutionalized. She spent three years in an asylum, and once released, she began creating artwork and wrote a book about her experience. She was also able to leave Europe, and moved to Mexico, where she lived until her recent death on May 25, 2011.


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