Abstract Comics

by Richard Hahn

by Isaac Freeman

Well, it is that time of year again. San Diego Comic Con, don’t you know. Even though I am not there, the event does inspire me to write about the medium. Specifically about a book I picked up a while ago called Abstract Comics.

Abstract Comics was published by Fantagraphics Books, and collect the work of artists from all over the world, showcasing the combination of sequential and abstract artwork. I tend to love looking at Abstract Expressionist paintings in general, and much of the work in this book can stand with the giants of that artistic style. The book explores all sorts of new possibilities in sequential art, evoking humor, sometimes horror, and every emotion in between.

There is also a blog going related to this book (linked below) and it is definitely worth exploring. The curators of this blog also appeared at Comic Con this year and presented a breakout session called “Kirby, Modernism and Abstraction“, comparing the work of legendary comic book creator and artist Jack Kirby to more modern artists like Wassily Kandinsky. I would have loved to have attended that presentation.


by Andrei Molotiu

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