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I’ve known for a while that I’ve needed to update my personal website,, and I decided a month or two ago that I would redesign it by the New Year. I am a graphic / web designer, but sometimes it seems like the very last thing I am able to work on and update is my own personal site. Well, I’ll probably still tweak it a bit here and there but I’m happy to say that the redesign is pretty much done, and with a little over a week to spare.

Take a look, browse my portfolio, and let me know what you think.

One of the reasons I really wanted to redesign my site was so I could get your direct feedback through Twitter. You’ll notice on my new homepage there is a little widget asking for you to send me a tweet. I’d love to hear from you. I’m collecting ideas, in 140 characters or less, that you’d like to have me draw. You can also email me at toddpowelson {at} Describe be a person, place, or thing. If you do get in touch, I will send you a drawing that you’re tweet inspired in my mind and imagination.


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